Zarina's Flaky Roti with Masala Chicken

Roti and Chicken
Roti is the Malay word for unleavened bread 
1½ cups of flour
1 teaspoon of salt
Some luke warm water
Melted ghee (butter oil combo is good too)
Some flour
Slowly add water to flour until it forms a ball.
Hand knead until the dough is elastic, say about two to three minutes.
Let it rest for ½hour covered with cling film.
Form four equal balls for large rotis or eight smaller sized rotis.
Sprinkle table lightly with flour. 5. Roll each ball out.
Smear with ghee & roll up into a snake.
Now roll each end up forming a n S shape, add ghee & fold over.
May freeze at this point.
Press gently, roll into a circle or square.
Freeze separated by a plastic.
You can fry rotis in a frying pan, when you see the bottom side lightly browning flip over to the other-side.
Brush the brown side with ghee, wait for the other side to lightly brown and flip over again.
You can squash each fried roti in your hand to make it more flaky.
I had some fun & cut some into squares and others in half to cut down on the frying time.
Mine was rolled but frozen. I quickly defrosted & it was ready.
Chicken was store-bought.
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Zarina Halday
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