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#31 Senior Salon 2019

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#31 Senior Salon 2019

How do you juggle Blogging and Summertime? 


Over the past two weeks, my husband’s niece from South Africa visited us here in Canada.  Her first visit to us since we left South Africa more than 22 years ago!  We have seen her since we left when we visited South Africa, but it was so nice to have her in Canada and to show her around.

I had to work, so my husband took her to all the most wonderful places in and around Vancouver, too many to name and show pictures, so I will only give some highlights.

They even went on a motorbike trip to Whistler, we do have a Suzuki GSXR750 Crotch rocket (Sport Bike) and we do long distances on it.  Once we did a round trip from Vancouver, Canada to Ashland, Oregon and covered an enormous distance in 10 days.  What fun we had, so he had to take her on a short trip to Whistler.

Whistler, Canada
Whistler Village

In Gondola doing Peak to Peak at Whistler
Peak to Peak Whistler, Canada

The had to visit Gastown, in Downtown Vancouver!

Gastown Clock Gastown Vancouver
Gastown Clock Gastown Vancouver –
Gassy Jack plays a tune every 15 minutes

I managed to take 3 days off work and we took the Ferry for a day trip and visited Vancouver Island, Chemainus, Bouchard Gardens, Victoria, Nanaimo.

Trip with BC Ferries
BC Ferries

[click_to_tweet tweet=”How do you juggle Blogging and Summertime? #31 Senior Salon 2019 The linkup will Start: Aug 5, 02:00 am and close Aug 9, 2019, 8:00 pm PT ” quote=”How do you juggle Blogging and Summertime? #31 Senior Salon 2019 The linkup will Start: Aug 5, 02:00 am and close Aug 9, 2019, 8:00 pm PT ” theme=”style6″]


Sunken Garden at The Butchart Gardens - Vancouver Island
Sunken Garden at The Butchart Gardens – Vancouver Island


Now, tell me in the comments, what you do during your summer period!  I had some posts prescheduled, as I did not want to spend a lot of time on the computer during her very short 2 weeks visit with us.  It paid off, although I apologize if I missed some comments or SM but will try to make it up.  We still have more downtime coming up, during the summer but I will keep everything afloat as best possible.

#31 Senior Salon 2019

The linkup will Start: Aug 5, 02:00 am
and close Aug 9, 2019, 8:00 pm PT


What do you think, it this a “Plasterman” or a Real Human???

Plasterman (Real or alive) in Victoria
Plasterman (Real or alive) in Victoria


He is human – just so cleverly done!  When you walk past him, he does not move!  He did eventually greet some small kiddos to show all that he is ‘human’ and in fact alive.  He also spoke to us, so I can vouch that he is indeed human.

#31 Senior Salon 2019

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17 thoughts on “#31 Senior Salon 2019”

  1. We visited Vancouver 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. I am so sorry we didn’t also get a chance to visit Victoria at the same time. I guess we will just have to make another trip! Thanks for sharing your photos. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  2. Wow! Your question about juggling blogging during the summer comes in very handy for my blog post from last week, Esmé. Having just returned from a six-week blogging break, I learned a lot about life inside and outside of the blogging world.
    I’m glad to hear you took some time out from blogging. Welcome back!

  3. Hi Esme – When I take time off, I don’t blog. I pick up again after my time away. If you want to leave a brief note before your break, readers understand and will come back.#senisal

  4. Esme, I can’t imagine how you manage to post several times a week! In my entire 9.5 years of blogging, I have only ever posted once a week (like clockwork), and sometimes that feels like a lot! Thank you for hosting #SeniSal!

    • Hi Jean, its a matter of doing what works for you. With #SeniSal this does make for extra time, doing the linkup, an email to go out and the post itself weekly, and then the roundup post on a Friday, but I love it as it does help you bloggers, at least I hope so, to showcase your work. Please promote senisal onyou blog and SM for more to join us, this will be a huge help! Thanks

    • This summer is the first where we are away for an extended weekend or so and it made me rethink how to juggle and still have my blog running as well as keep my FB groups going without physically being able to log in daily. Will have to see how it all turns out and what effect it does have.
      I truly enjoyed the time away with family and friends but still worry about blogging and all that goes with it. Did you totally turn off everything and just picked up again after your time away?


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