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We are a BLOGGING Family Nurturing each other, our fellow BLOGGERS


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We are a BLOGGING Family Nurturing each other, our fellow BLOGGERS


Linkup will Start: November 5,  2018, 02:00 am
and close November 9, 2018, 8:00 pm PT


Please showcase your posts via the Blue “Add your link” button.

  1. Please, link directly to your post, and NOT your homepage.
  2. If at all possible, please take a moment to read and leave a comment on the other participants’ posts.  You have the entire week to hop over and check out the other posts.
  3. If possible, please tweet 🐦 and share those blog posts. Use any or all of the following      when 🐦-ing.
  4. When participating and leaving your post link, you automatically provide your permission that I/or any other SENIOR SALON participant may share your post link left here on any social media outlet/s to showcase your post.
  5. Should you wish to receive a notification, please subscribe to EsmeSalon, then you will always be the first to receive the email when the doors open on a Monday at 02:00 am PT!
  6. If you see your way open, please add the below banner to your blog showing you’re a proud Senior Salon Member and a weekly participant and link the banner to SeniorSalon  This is the link, as easy reference:  https://esmesalon.com/senior-salon/


I look forward to each and every link left, and thank you in advance.

Senior Salon Banner

We are a BLOGGING Family Nurturing each other, our fellow BLOGGERS
  1. A blogging family!
    I love that image! Thanks for all you do to foster the family feel!

    • Thank you for your kind words Michele. Glad to help and hope that this will benefit others as well.

  2. Please ignore/delete previous comment, I must have jumped the starter pistol!

    • Dear Clive – Thanks for your submissions, I will read them tonight once back from work. Thanks my friend.

      • Thank you, always happy to include something for you. It’s such a good place to find new blogs to read.

        • As per this weeks note on the pic, just trying to create and help building on a great blogging community

  3. I think you’re toying with us, Esmé! Unless my eyesight has completely gone, I don’t think there’s a blue link button for us to share posts!

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