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Senior Salon: this is a free invite to you to come and join us and get more eyeballs on your well-crafted posts.

Each week we have a new linkup and it will start each Monday at 02:00 am and will close on Saturday at 2:00 pm PT (Pacific Time, Vancouver BC Canada).

We have walked our paths for a long time and have a lot to offer. Come and reveal your artistic vision. Please showcase your posts via the Inlinkz button.

Easy to Follow Guidelines for the #SeniorSalon Link-Up:

  1. Number of Links: No limit to family-friendly posts.
  2. How to Link: Please link to a specific post, and NOT your home page.
  3. Promote #SeniorSalon: It’s not compulsory, but we will be delighted if you will be able to link back to the post you shared here at #SeniorSalon, with a text link on your post and the respective URL for that week.
  4. Spare some Love for your Hostess: I know you have lots of other blogs you are subscribed to and that you receive many emails in your inbox, but please think about it and sign up and follow my blog. This way we can stay connected and I will always share your posts on my SM.  I promise not to flood your inbox and will not sell or share your email address.
  5. Read and share other posts: Please visit some of the other links left each week and shower them with some love by leaving a comment and share it on SM.
  6. Approval to reshare: By leaving a link to your blog posts here at #SeniorSalon, you agree and have read the privacy policy and grant me your tacit permission to share your posts and use your blog images to display your post on my SM and on EsmeSalon as part of the Top 10 featured posts.
  7.  Last but not least, you declare that the content of the post you left is your own.
  8. If at all possible, please take a moment to read and leave a comment on the other participants’ posts.  You have the entire week to hop over and check out the other posts.
  9. Please tweet and share those blog posts. Use any or all of the following       when tweeting.
  10. When participating and leaving your post link, you automatically provide your permission that I/or any other SENIOR SALON participant may share your post link left here on any social media outlet/s to showcase your post.
  11. Should you wish to receive a notification, please subscribe to EsmeSalon, then you will always be the first to receive the email when the doors open on a Monday at 02:00 am PT!
  12. If you see your way open, please add the below banner to your blog showing you’re a proud Senior Salon Member and a weekly participant and link the banner to SeniorSalon  This is the link, as an easy reference:

It is my pleasure to invite you once again to link your blog to mine today and reveal your artistic creations in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking. 

In the true spirit of a salon, take this opportunity to widen your circle of blogging friends by reading some new posts along with those ones that you have come to love.   

I want to mention to anyone who is reading this, that you do not need a special invitation to participate. If you have a little silver in your hair, please feel free to add your link and join in the fun. Let’s be a Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers community!

Senior Salon, come and join and share your stories with us EsmeSalon

Last but not least:  I am on the lookout for co-hosts/hostesses, so if you feel so inclined, please get in touch with me as this will also benefit you and your blog with views and clicks and a great way to grow a blog.  This is not a daunting task, it’s pretty easy and straightforward.