#37 Senior Salon 2019

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#37 Senior Salon 2019


In need of more ❤️ and Interaction on your Blog Posts?


The doors to #37 Senior Salon 2019 is OPEN
and we wish to promote your posts!

Please join us at Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers Facebook group

Either click on the link or the below image

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This post contains some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.  Please see our full Affiliate Disclosure on EsmeSalon for further information.



We enjoyed a great number of posts over the past Linkup.  We had 15 (FIFTEEN) more entries than the previous week.  Thank you all!  Let’s continue this way and PLEASE share the weekly Senior Salon #SeniSal Linkup news with your own blogging buddies!

How about we challenge each of you to go out and get at least ONE of your followers to join and share a post this week.  If we all do this, just think what a lovely set of new posts we will have to read, enjoy and share.

This is a Win-Win for one and all.



#SeniSal Roundup: Sept 9-13, 2019

Sept 16, 02:00 am to Sept 20, 2019, 8:00 pm PDT

Why wait another moment, please walk through the Open Salon doors
and share a maximum of 2 posts for all to enjoy and promote.

Please remember to invite, invite, yes please invite your own
followers to also come an participate.


[click_to_tweet tweet=”In need of more ❤️ and Interaction on your Blog Posts? If you answer ‘YES’ then head over to https://bit.ly/31NO7Co and join our FB Group SIPB. Meet new blogging buddies and get lots of blog exposure daily.” quote=”In need of more ❤️ and Interaction on your Blog Posts? If you answer ‘YES’ then head over to https://bit.ly/31NO7Co and join our FB Group SIPB. Meet new blogging buddies and get lots of blog exposure daily.” theme=”style6″]


Join our weekly #SeniSal linkup!  What do you have to lose?
You get to read great posts, and above all win engagement and a backlink with each Friday Roundup post and on top of that, this is Free to you!!


This is my thank you for visiting, reading and commenting on my blog!


Affiliate Disclosure

This post does contain affiliate links, which means we may get compensated/earn a commission at no extra cost to you if the affiliate links are utilized to make a purchase. I have purchased and worked through a handful of their programs and implore you to do the same. If you wish to check them out, herewith my #afflink to all Tinylovebug courses: #afflink – EsmeSalon Tinylovebug Teachable #afflink

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I will be extremely grateful if you will showcase our Banner on your blog and add a link back to this week’s party on the post you left.  It is highly appreciated but never required!

Senior Salon

Now please share your posts and DO NOT Forget to leave me a note
as to how I can work with you to showcase your blogging journey!

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8 thoughts on “#37 Senior Salon 2019”

  1. I’m back this week! Exciting about there being more posters. One of my issues has been that so many use WordPress. com and I can’t comment on those because of the required log in. WordPress doesn’t recognize my old or new passwords.

    • Thank you for your part in helping to increase the numbers, Michele. Will you be able to take part in the challenge and have one of your followers participate as well? Hope so!

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