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#66 Senior Salon

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#66 Senior Salon


#66 Senior Salon


Stay well-rested, well-nourished, keep safe, 

be careful, stay calm and stay protected 

and take good care of yourself.




The doors to #66 Senior Salon are OPEN
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Apr 6, 02:00 am to April 10, 2020, 8:00 pm PST



As mentioned last week, we will no longer have the Roundup Post on a Friday, but will now include the top 10 entries from the previous week here.


Congratulations to the top 10 winners: #SeniSal Roundup: Mar 30, 02:00 am to April 3, 2020 We encourage you all to share the Featured Winner logo on your blog or post.  You will find the code below.

  1. Missing in Action with Darlene Foster!
  2. An Anxiety Playlist
  3. Quick Garlic Rolls with Chicken
  4. 2020 Reading: First Update
  5. Enjoying my time in the kitchen
  6. When the Answer to Prayer Is Bad News
  7. Easter Egg Hunt With a Twist
  8. Why is Peace so Hard to Come By?
  9. The British census: What a country wants to know about itself
  10. Get some sun and air


Your #Senisal Hosts

Kim Davis Berry        Esme Slabs

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Kim Davis Berry

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Kim is Loyal, Quick-witted, Slightly irreverent, Wife, Mother of 2 (and their sweet husbands), Extreme 2nd-grade teacher, Fur mamma to 3 boy cats, Lover of all things creative like making glitter tumblers, rubber stamping, Cricut, resin art, cooking, and gardening.   I’m a fierce foodie AND…currently loving to LASER using the mother of all crafting tools… the Glowforge Laser!!!!


Esmé Slabs

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Facebook Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers / Facebook Group deleted – join Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers: More Visitors & Community Support( / Facebook The Recipe Hunter /  Facebook Share Care & Inspire / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter EsmeSalon / Twitter SundayMeetGreet / FlipboardMix

Esmé is Mom of a grown daughter and son, now already married to wonderful spouses and they have 2 kids each. She is the proud Grandma to 4 grandkids, two on each side and a pigeon pair each.  She is the wife and partner to her husband for 40+ years and still blessed to be able to be in such a loving relationship.  Her love of cooking and baking can be seen here on the blog as well as her eagerness to share and promote her fellow bloggers across all Social Media.


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CONCLUSION to #66 Senior Salon



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  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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My goal is to provide the best homemade recipes that are healthy for all families to enjoy. I also endeavor to showcase and share other bloggers and promote them on my Blog. You will also find Resources and Courses and Services for Bloggers which I promote from time to time.

21 thoughts on “#66 Senior Salon”

  1. Hi Esme. I meant to mention this earlier in the week but have only just remembered – sorry! Now that you’re combining the round up post with the new week announcement, have you given any thought to extending the closing time from Friday into Sunday? The weekend is now a kind of empty space, which you could fill. As I say, just a thought, so please ignore if it isn’t helpful.

    • Hi Clive, good idea, but I do need some time to get my new post ready and to add the top 10 links from the previous week, so I can extend it to Saturday and then have Sunday to get ready for the new post. What do you think of that???

      • I wouldn’t want to put you under pressure: you already do a wonderful job with this! That sounds like a good compromise to me, and I’d hope that it would encourage people both to post new pieces later in the week and to revisit to read posts they may not previously have seen.

    • Dear Crystal. I still going strong, Working remote from home, so extended hours as office is now upstairs in our spare bedroom, but I try, note I say try, not to go there adapter hours.
      Otherwise I am doing well health wise. Thanks, I trust that you’re safe on your end. Thank you for reading, sharing and contributing.

      • I’m still healthy. However, I’ve got allergies and a sinus cold so I’m staying in unless I really need to go out. I’m getting my mail every other day or every two days not everyday.
        Take Care

    • Hi Jean, Thanks for your kind wishes. Yes, I agree it’s not that I am insensitive, but there are other knowledgeable people that write tons on this subject. Thanks for commenting and participating,

  2. Thanks Esme. Do hope you are fit and well and taking care. Touching my toes more than usual and doing a few exercises, plus strolling around the estate… (communal pool) to keep fit. Ha ha. Virtual hugs. x

  3. Thanks so much for hosting! I’m linking up today with NO HOUSEWORK DAY, WHO WAS BEHIND THE CURTAIN? – PART 5 (PROMPT 18), and I invite you to my UNLIMITED MONTHLY LINK PARTY, open every month on the 1st to the 26th.


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