Baby Apple Tartlets

These Baby Apple Tartlets are small, but you will have to make a BIG batch of these tiny apple treats with its sweet and cinnamony flavor as they are a delightful addition to a dessert table.



  1. 30 pure butter ready cut round shells
  2. 2 tins canned Goldcrest baby apples (15 apples in a tin)
  3. Brown sugar mix with fine cinnamon


Apple tartlets

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  • Preheat oven to 180°C
  • Use Spray and Cook and coat the insides of two 2 small muffins pan.
  • Add a shell and press down with a cookie press.
  • Add little cinnamon sugar on base and then add apple and add a little bit more cinnamon sugar on top of the apple
  • Close pastry around apple and bake in a Thermofan oven for 26 minutes until golden brown.


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Baby Apple Tartlets Icing

  • For the icing, drizzle and mix a bit of hot milk with icing sugar and mix well and drizzle over tartlets.
  • Add milk with a teaspoon to icing sugar. Please note, it must not be too watery.


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Different, but also yummy Apple Tartlets