Christmas Crack

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What a strange name for a treat, but you have to try it! I sampled some our daughter received as a gift, and then just had to make my own.

It’s awesome to have a bag or three of this treat at a party, as all your guests (adults and kids) will gobble this delicious “Christmas Crack” without knowing they finished everything and would ask for more!

Dry Ingredients:
1 x 395 g box Honey Nut Chex cereal
1 x 550 g box Original Shreddies cereal
200 g shredded coconut
200 g pecan nuts
200 g golden raisons

375 g butter (3 sticks of butter)
1½ cups sugar
1 x 500 ml bottle – 2 cups golden corn syrup

Combine all the dry ingredients in a very large mixing bowl. Mix to combine.

In a large sauce pan, cook syrup ingredients to “soft ball” stage. Keep stirring constantly. Once its cooking, cook for ± 5 minutes.
I divided the dry mixture into two large trays and then poured ½ the syrup mixture over one tray and mixed it through till well coated, then repeated the process with the second tray.
Once all done, I combined all ingredients into the one tray and continued to mix and make sure the syrup is evenly and well mixed through all the dry ingredients.
Let it sit in the one tray for ± 5-10 minutes, stirring once or twice to prevent clumping.
Now, return half again back to the empty tray as its easier to stir a bit more. Do this every now and again to ensure that you do not end up with lumps, of ‘crack’ as it should be separate pieces of cereal just coated with the syrup.

Stir it around occasionally to prevent clumping, but be careful that you do not brake the cereal into small pieces. Once properly cold, store in an airtight container.

Source: Mutiple Internet recipes, but highly adapted by Esmé’s kitchen. This for sure does not resemble any existing recipe I found and originally looked at.

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