Eggless Koeksisters

TRH Eggless Koeksisters
– 4 x cups sifted cake flour.
– 1 ½ x tsp ginger powder.
– 1 ½ x tsp mixed spice.
– 1 ½ x tsp cinnamon powder.
– 1 x tsp cloves powder.
– ¼ x tsp nutmeg powder.
– 2 x tbsp. sugar.
– 1 x packet anchor instant yeast.
– Pinch of salt.
– 3 ½ x tbsp. cooking oil.
– 2 x cups lukewarm water.
– A small blob of rama margarine.

– In a bowl add the sifted flour, all the spices and dry ingredients.
– Add the margarine and mix till the butter has mixed with the other ingredients.
– Add the oil and lukewarm water and mix till a soft dough is formed.
– Knead for roughly 10 minutes till the soft dough is smooth and nice and elastic.
– Place the dough in a bowl and cover with cling wrap and leave to rise for an hour in a warm place.
– After an hour.
– Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knock it down.
– Break off pieces and roll dough into medium sized oval balls.
– Leave to rise for another 5 minutes.
– In the mean time heat the oil till it is nice and hot.
– Place the dough balls in the hot oil and fry till golden brown.
– Remove and let it cool on a paper towel.
– To make the syrup, mix 2 xcups of water and 2 x cups of sugar, bring to the boil and let is boil till it becomes nice and sticky. If too sticky just add more water.
– To sugar the koeksister, pour some syrup into another pot that is on the stove on a medium heat and put the number of koeksister you want in the pot.
– Turn the koeksisters over and over so that they can be covered in the syrup.
– Once the syrup begins to thicken, remove from pot and sprinkle coconut over.
– Enjoy with a nice cup of coffee.

Prepared, tried and tested by Bobby Swanson


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