My famous pepper steak pie

Inside of pie
250 g flour to 200 g cold butter pinch salt…just put in food processor…add little water to get it to a dough that comes away from the sides of the bowl…or add more flour if too sloppy. Knead it till smooth. Cling wrap and refridgerate until needed.

Meat filling:
Add diced up steak meat with small diced celery, carrot and onion.
Add salt and pepper together with beefstock powder.
Let it simmer for a while I mix it through then I add water mixed with food caramel (it adds richness and color to the dish).
You can get it in Maggi brand.
Cook until meat can break appart when squeezing between fingers. Thicken then by adding flour to water and few more drops food caramel. Mixture must cool completely before adding to pastry.
Spray the pie shell and add the pastry.
Let it rest a bit to prevent shrinking.
Add the meat mixture to the pie.
Top with pepper (I add slice of tomato to it).
Then cover with puff pastry sealing it with a smear of water. Roll the extra pastry off to neaten up your pie.
Make a little slice in the puff pastry for steam to escape, and brush with egg wash (water and egg beaten).
Sprinkle with more pepper and bake at 200 C for about 25 min – 30min.
Enjoy and happy cooking.

Additional note:  The inside of my pie I added cheese and a slice of tomato

Source: Cathy Price (own recipe) Tried and Tested

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