Simple beer bread

Simple beer bread  Tried Tested

I’ve learned something by looking at some recipes.
All you need to bake a delicious and super-fast loaf for dinner is one beer and 3 cups of self-raising flour.
You can also use 3 cups of all-purpose flour with 3 teaspoons of baking powder.
Then just preheat the oven to 360°F, line a bread tin, and get mixing. Add anything you like!
I used a blend of spices (black pepper, garlic salt, paprika, and dill).
I also added almost a whole cup of grated cheddar cheese.
However, you could just as easily add onions, garlic, green peppers, ham, bacon, olives, or nuts & seeds.
As long as start with 3 cups of flour and one beer, you can’t go wrong!
It bakes for about 45mins to an hour.
As a side note, I had so many things in there that I had to add another dash of beer to be able to mix the batter. No harm – hubby was happy to finish the opened can of beer for me!
In no time and with next-to-no effort, this loaf will be the star of dinner. Got company coming? This’ll blow them away and elevate a simple barbeque to gourmet, and nobody will know how easy it was.

Source: Corlea Smit

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