South African Bollas


South African Bollas. Like a koeksister, a Bolla is a smaller version of the traditional South African confectionery made of fried dough infused in syrup covered with coconut.


Raw eggs in a bowl

Raw eggs in a bowl


A ¾ cup of sugar
2 eggs
¾ cup oil
5 ml vanilla essence
4 cups cake flour
4 tsp baking powder
2 cups buttermilk
Oil for deep frying
Coconut for sprinkling


South African Bollas


Whisk eggs and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy.
Add vanilla and oil and beat till creamy.
In a separate bowl sift flour and baking powder twice.
Add flour mixture to egg mixture.
Now add the buttermilk and mix into a soft, sticky dough.
Allow resting for at least 30 minutes.
Place spoonfuls of mixture in hot oil and fry until golden brown.


Dip a spoon in cold water to ensure that dough separates from spoon to form neatly rounded balls when dropped in oil.
Place some syrup in a pan.
Heat through and add Bollas.

Syrup Bollas until glossy and sprinkle with coconut.
NB: Not suitable freezing, but can be refrigerated before you dip them in the syrup


Bollas syrup


2½ cups sugar
2 cups of water
Mix sugar and water and allow simmering over low heat until syrupy.

Variation: Add two pieces stick cinnamon and two cardamom pods while boiling the syrup.

How about a Warm Water Bollas or Bollas in general

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday 

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