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This is – Love doing “Life” business

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Introduction to – This is – Love doing “Life” Business

Do you have 1 minute, 2, 3 or even 5 minutes? To read about what my This is – Love doing “Life” Business column is all about? Whatever you’re doing or whatever time you have I want this intro to be short and sweet.

Reading on my Image is wording that will give you clues. It is the bare bones that will put you in the picture of what This is – “Love doing “Life” business is aiming for. This is a column or regular Guest posting that lovely Esme asked me to do.

I am very susceptible to learning new things, having a high amount of interest in many topics so you can understand why my own blog goes under the term “Variety”.

On a side-note:  I am aiming at just over 300 words (near impossible for me to keep down to that much) – but it is the minimum for a post to help get a green light on your Yoast SEO plugin. You need a minimum of 300! Mr. Google is happier with even longer posts but 300 is what you can get away with at times. If you haven’t got the free Yoast Plugin – you need to catch up – to help your posts get noticed.

But key to your SEO improvement is improving your writing skills. Write every day. The term is known in SEO at the foundation is that “Content is King” so work towards improving. Quality over quantity.

My non-organizing secret on “Life” Business

But let me tell you a non-organizing secret I have told no other!  I don’t claim to be organized with my blog – simply because of my attitude to doing posts ahead of time. I rarely do that. All I need is one extra day to re-read and fine-tune my final draft. I tend to do them right off the top of my head. I even surprise myself sometimes with where Life Business comes from!

Am I organized in other “Life” matters? On a good day – yes. On a bad day – well I get to those “hot spots” so as not to have a chronic let down of my needed systems. Do I love what I find to do near at hand?! A resounding yes, and I hope you do too. It is within me to inspire others on my Love doing “Life” business If I have to repeat that phrase once more I will punch out one of Mr SEO Yoast’s lights out.

We are meant to add more of the keyword within our post. Ugg – if it’s forced – that’s where you can get into trouble – so make it natural. (It’s called keyword stuffing to the uninitiated! A big no, no) Oh – and don’t forget to proof-read – I don’t think Mr. Google likes it too much either when crawling through your site where you haven’t kept up to the mark with proof-reading. I do proof-reading and editing for others. A good plug for myself here. I love it if it’s a particularly interesting topic. If you think you fit the bill – contact me I don’t always charge for my services.

Don’t say “Life” is too short – love it instead

Don’t ever say life is too short. Not around me that is. Smacks of the fear of the end of your life at worst and desperation at best.

Another SEO tip. Have a way to find the best headlines such as Headline Analyzer They have downloadable pages on words you can use in your headlines that gain more traction also.  You see a headline can be 80% of what people notice and react to before going further.

It’s short. You want people in the business of loving your short piece of work – which your headline is Your headline is something that makes them want to read further.

When you have some success without even trying

Now that doesn’t happen very often. But it has two ways with me. First – I’ve just got my green light for the Yoast plugin in this column just now as I write. So –if Mr Yoast is happy everyone should be happy. Correct? Well not always.

I stumbled around Pinterest reading for awhile learning quite a bit here and there. Pinterest helped me gain credibility with Mr. Google but it was with Pinterest that helped things along and gained my post on page 1 of Mr. Google. This was for both my Pinterest pin and from my blog post. I took note of lists of what best to post each month for Pinterest and being a Spring lover (for all those Spring lovers!) I posted How to start a Garden Retreat Bingo! It got around 12,000 hits in one week on one of my Pinterest boards.  So of course if that happens – it makes me happy. At this time I’m not selling any of the Spring weather – it’s not for sale! But it would be nice to bottle up some now and then!

So if your stumbling yourself and starting to use Mr. Yoast for SEO. Do this. Put a description in the snippet that includes a Focus keyword. (You put the Focus keyword of your choice in the keyword box) The snippet is merely a summary of your post. It allows you a certain amount of words which you will see as you type it in. I used just one keyword which appeared in the snippet. That was all there was to it!

A note for those just starting a blog. Google likes older blogs – more credibility again. Plus posting regularly. You don’t need to post more than once per week – just post every week.

A further tip – Google takes notice of https – so if you want to be noticed at all by Google up-date your security.

The aim of This is – Love doing “Life” Business

My aim is to help others, learn myself and work out what I can sell with ethics and credibility. I had worked out as I said (laughter!) that I can’t sell Spring and gardening – but it’s lovely to write about those things. If you can think of things that would be something I can sell with both ethics and credibility – drop me a line!

In retrospect, I wouldn’t say my post was extra good or anything out of the ordinary – but I’m learning. What about you?

Until later!


  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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    • Thank you for popping in Cherie – Yes, I myself, still have lots to learn from Deb. Already learned a lot from her and look forward to her bi-weekly posts.


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