Tomato and Black Bean Sauce with a twist and chops

tomato and bean sauce  tomato and bean sauce with lamb shoulder chopTried Tested
1 540g tin of blackbeans
1 398g tin tomato and onion mix
2 heaped teaspoons of brown sugar
± 50-100ml red wine
3/4 punnet baby spinach leaves

In a large pan, mix beans and tomato and onion mix
Simmer for ± 5 minutes
Add brown sugar, stir till disolved
Pour over the red wine and mix through
Now simmer till desired reduction reached. It should still be juicy, but you decide how juicy you like it.
Just before done, say 2 minutes or so, add the torn baby spinach leaves. It should only be long enough to wilt the spinach.

On the side, prepare your lamb chops or any other chops or your choice – We just baked it in a pan till done and nicely browned.

Serve the chop with some of the sauce on top! Yummy in the extreme

Source: My husband’s own mix for the evening.

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