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"TRH" Indian Food Terminology

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“TRH” Indian Food Terminology.  Hope this will be helpful!
First the English word, then the Indian term
Almonds – Badam
Apple – Sabe
Apricot – Jardaloo
Arrow root – Ara root
Barshap – Fennel Powder
Basil – Tulsi
Black gram split lentils – Arad flour
Broccolli – Hari phoolgobhi
Butter – Makhan
Buttermilk – Chachm chaas
Cabbage – Patta gobhi
Cardamon – Elaichi
Chana flour – Made from yellow gram
Carrot – Gaajar
Cashew nuts – Kajoo
Cauliflower – Gobhi
Chestnut – Chota akhrot
Chicken – Murgh
Chickpeas – Chana
Chili bites – Bajiya
Chilies – Mirchi
Chops – Chaamp
Clarified butter – Ghee
Clove – Lavang
Coconut – Nariyal
Coriander leaves – Dhania
Corn – Makka
Cottage cheese – Paneer
Crab – Kekra
Cream – Malai
Crushed wheat – Laapsi
Cucumber – Kheera
Cumin – Jeera
Currants – Kala draksh
Dates – Kajhoor
Egg – Anda
Eggplant – Baingan
Feneugreek seeds – Methi
Fennel seeds – Saumnf
Fig – Anjeer
Fish curry – Haldoney
Flavored yoghurt – Laasi
Flax seeds – Alsi
Flour – Maida
Garlic pod – Lehsun
Gherkins – Goli
Ginger pieces – Adrak
Gooseberries – Amla
Grapefruit – Chakutra
Grapes – Angoor
Green leaf vegetables – Baji
Green split peas – Moong dhal
Hot tea – Chai
Indian bread – Paratha (braised)
Indian bread – Puri (fried)
Indian ice cream – Khulfi
Indian linseed – Aseriyo
Indian pancake – Dosai
Lemon juice – Nimbu ka Ras
Lentils – Dewa
Lettuce – Kasmi saag
Lime – Mosambi
Mango – Aam/Aambo
Meat – Ghosh / Maas
Milk – Doodh
Mince curry – Kheema
Mudumbi leaves – Patta or Patteria
Mushroom – dhingri
Mustard seeds – Rai
Mutton – Bakri ka gosht
Nutmeg – Jaifur / Jaiphal
Oats – jaee
Oil – Tel Banana – Khela
Okra – Bhindi
Onion – Pyaaz
Orange – Narangi
Papaya – Papeeta
Parsley – Ajmud
Pickle – Atchaar
Pineapple – Ananas
Pistachio – Pista
Plum – Aloo bukara
Poppy seeds – Khus-khus
Potato – Aloo
Prawns – Jinga
Pumpkin – Kaddu
Radish – Mooli
Radish leaves – Mooli ka saag
Red chili powder – Laal Mirchi
Red lentil – Masoor
Rice – Basmati chawal
Rice flour pudding – Firni
Rice pudding – Kheer
Saffron – Jafran / Kesar
Salt – Namak
Semolina – Soji/Rawa
Sesame seeds – Tal
Spinach leaves – Palak
Split green lentils – Magdhaal
Stick cinnamon – Taj
Sugar – Chini
Sweet cake flour delight – Dhaitera
Sweet potato – Meetha aloo
Tamarind – Aamli
Thyme – Ajwain ke Phool
Tomato – Tamater
Trotter – Paya
Tumeric – Borrie/Haldi/Arad
Tymol seeds – Ajmo
Vermicilli – Sev
Water – Paani
Watermelon – Kalighaan
Yoghurt – Dahi
Composed by:  Nazley Ally‎ 
Addendum, provided by a fellow blogger: Gul
Very nice effort ! You can add these too:
Black salt – Kala namak
Cinnamon sticks – Dal chinni
Keep it up 👍

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  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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29 thoughts on “"TRH" Indian Food Terminology”

  1. Very nice effort ! You can add these too :
    Black salt – Kala namak
    Cinnamon sticks – Dal chinni
    Keep it up 👍
    Check out my Weekly cooking feature for some delicious Indian recipes !

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