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Linkup will Start: March 4,  2019, 02:00 am
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Unfortunately, I have noticed more and more
that we have a lot of link droppers. 

Should you drop a link and run, please note that your link will be deleted
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This is a place for all to share, build connections,
and comment and help one another. 

Please help me as I would hate to delete your post! 

You can do that, by visiting a MINIMUM of 3 other links for
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You NEED to comment, share and not only drop a link and disappear. That’s not the way we want to operate, so please take the time to comment on a minimum of THREE POSTS.

We all love to hear from our fellow bloggers, so leave them a meaningful comment. Nice post, nice pics etc does not help, so READ the post and then share your thoughts.

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I am sure that we can rely on your support!

I look forward to each and every link left, and thank you in advance.


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