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Checking out #148 Senior Salon

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Checking out #148 Senior Salon.  Come and see what’s new and happening here at #SeniSal this week.

What are you waiting for?  Come and share your posts at this week’s: Checking out #148 Senior Salon

#148 Senior Salon

We are still looking for volunteers to come and help us with our future Senior Salon events,

so please will you think about it, and get in touch with me.  Truly, it’s a labor of love ♥ and does not take up that much of your time.  I am asking again, for your kind consideration and help, as this will be hugely beneficial to you and your blog and own community as well as #SeniSal in general.

Please email 📥 me Esme

and do not forget to link up your posts for this week: Checking out #148 Senior Salon?

If you’re looking to see what co-hosting involves, please read our previous thread #147 Senior Salon for the details

Secondly: Checking out #148 Senior Salon

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Thirdly: Checking out #148 Senior Salon

TOP 10 Senisal POSTS for the week of January 25-30, 2021!

  1. What’s In A Word?
  2. Capturing God In a Box
  3. 3D Steampunk heart
  4. Whatever happened to these sayings?
  5. A Big Look at Rubbish Bins
  6. Travel Challenge – Day 8
  7. Coffee Share #3 | The Princes’ Gates
  8. Vintage Valentine Hanging 
  9. Nagambie Victoria – Australia
  10. A Laundry Experiment Called Grace

Thank you for checking out my posts: A Delicious Favorite 20 Minute Scone as well as Home-made Chocolate Slab Cake With Caramel Treat

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I truly believe we can but now more than ever we do need to support each other and make this happen. Please let us grow this event so keep up the good work, and share your own posts (2 max per blogger) and also remember to interact with other members by means of reading, clicking through to other posts on the blogs, and then sharing the posts via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or if you’re on Facebook you can share it on your own page.

#148 Senior Salon

Come and join us here and share your post and let us know if you have been Checking out #148 Senior Salon, and we would also love to hear from you, so drop a comment below and I will for sure respond back to you. 

Please may we respectfully ask from each and every participant that you keep sharing, and promoting Senior Salon on your own blog?  We do require and need your help to keep #SeniSal growing, and the only way we can grow, would be for you to share your links, but also to tell your own followers to come and participate.

Thanks, that we can count on your support

Come in, we have opened the doors to this Are you ready and chomping at the bit and Checking out #148 Senior Salon.
lease share this POST on your SM and share your own blog link!
We count on your support to share, as it’s the only way we can get others to come and join us.

February 1- 6, 2021

Your #Senisal Hosts

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Kim Davis Berry

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Esme Slabs

Esmé Slabs

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The conclusion to Checking out #148 Senior Salon session:

Please do not forget to 📥 email 📥 me at es*******@sh**.ca and let me know if you see your way open to help with co-hosting. Should we get more than one volunteer, we can even split it up and divide it between all of us and thus make it easier on you.  What do you think?????

Please we do need your support to grow this year, as I am sure this can be done and we can create an awesome and welcome environment for all bloggers to Share – Care – Inspire 

Come fellow #SeniSal members, this is a total win-win situation, you have nothing to lose, you can only gain by reading, commenting, and sharing your and other posts here at Checking out #148 Senior Salon

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