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Tinned Tuna Fish Cakes with mashed potato and lots of cheese

Tinned Tuna Fish Cakes

Tinned Tuna Fish Cakes made with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. This is a winner in my books How do you keep tuna patties from falling apart? To keep the…

4 KFC Box-Master made with breaded chicken fillets

Copycat KFC Box-Master

Copycat KFC Box-Master My take on the KFC Box-Master made with breaded chicken fillets, cheese & hash browns wrapped in tortillas served with crinkle-cut fries. KFC KFC (also known as…

Thinly rolled beef strips filled with a dill pickle and rolled in a slice of bacon

German Beef Rouladen in Oven

German Beef Rouladen is made from thinly sliced tenderized steak and an added surprise of dill pickles served with mushrooms on mashed potatoes. Rouladen Rouladen or Rinderrouladen is a German…

White frosting with nuts around the bottom, and decorated with raspberries, candied lemon, and fresh flowers and vegan meringues

Vegan Coconut and Lemon Cake

Vegan Coconut and Lemon Cake. The best ever birthday cake, two layers, one with lemon, the other with coconut and delicious vegan cream topping. Veganism Veganism is the practice of abstaining…