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How do You Blog

Blogging has spread far and wide and whether you do a free blog or a paid hosted blog the chances are that you have "dabbled". Maybe you have a string of free blogs because you couldn't decide where you fit? Or maybe you were more organised and knew straight from the...

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Pickled Herring Jewish Rosh Hashanah

Today was HERRING day. Pickled Herring Jewish Rosh Hashanah   According to tradition, having fish on the table is an omen for blessings in the year to come. When the fish is served, observant Jews recite a prayer expressing the wish “that we be fruitful and...

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Masala Pan-Fried Snoek

Masala Pan-Fried Snoek - This is a must-try for all fish lovers! Thyrsites atun, the snoek, is a long, thin species of snake mackerel found in the seas of the Southern Hemisphere.     Masala Pan-Fried Snoek Mix Gorimas seafood/fish masala and leaf masala...

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