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InLinkz 240 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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It’s nearly the end of November so come and share your old or new posts here at this new InLinkz 240 Senior Salon Pit Stop!

Welcome to our Senior Salon Pit Stop Linky Party starting November 21!

BB, BF, and CB

What the heck am I talking about? Well BB – Black Birthday (my own creation), BF – Black Friday, and CB – Cyber Monday

I can hardly believe it’s my birthday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday time again. So please let’s celebrate and I will be humbled and honored if you intend to buy something from Amazon to take a look at what you need, bookmark it by using one of my links as a starting point, and then navigate to whatever you need.

I leave a link to a recipe here so look for the hyperlinks on this recipe i.e. Cast Iron Skillet (or just use these listed links) you can also navigate to the bottom of the recipe and click on the Buy from Amazon Button.

You can also check out all the Blogging Ebooks (Pay what you want: (minimum $9.00) as well as our Recipe Ebooks (Pay what you want: (minimum $5.00). Also: Refer a friend and get 10% off! They will get 10% off too!!

We are happy you are here to share up to 3 of your awesome posts with us and read and comment on others!

The most popular post at the previous Senior Salon Pit Stop Linky Party was …

An image of a blue block with the verbiage: Are You Terrified Of Any Of These 7 Scary Things In The Blogging World?

Are You Terrified Of Any Of These 7 Scary Things In The Blogging World?

Hugh will help you! You can trust him to mystify the 7 scary things bloggers confess they are terrified of.

InLinkz 240 Senior Salon Pit Stop

Last week at #239 Senior Salon Pit Stop Linky Party, the following posts recorded the second and third-highest number of visits by other members participating:

Please we ask for your support to visit one another, and leave a comment, share the post on your own Social Media.  It will take you only 5 minutes to visit a minimum of 2 other links.  This Linky can and will only work once we all do our part, and help one another.  

Please do not drop your links and run, that's not fair to the others.  We are all here to help one another and gain more exposure and we can only thrive once we all play a fair game!  Thank you for your support and help!  
An image of a red poppy for Remembrance 2022

Remembrance 2022

We should not forget the sacrifice made by so many, and strive to prevent more from having to follow to do the same.

an image of a plaque of Alcatraz Island - Golden Gate

Welcome to the Rock

It was developed in the mid-19 century as a lighthouse, military fort, and military prison prior to the now federal prison in 1934.

Congratulations to our top three winners!

Linkup Party time: The doors will always open on Monday at 2 am PST
and the party ends on a Saturday at 2 pm PST (Vancouver BC Canadian time),
so this should give you sufficient time to drop a max of 3 links per blog!

Meet Your Senior Salon Pit Stop Crew

Places to connect with Julie

Places to connect with Esme

In addition to being featured here in the blog post, I do my utmost to share all links on Pinterest Senior Salon Pit Stop InLinkz Linkup Shares and Twitter.

As always our Linky will remain open until Saturday at 2 pm (Vancouver BC time) so you have lots of time to return to add your links and visit some links left by fellow bloggers.

Welcome to our InLinkz 240 Senior Salon Pit Stop

Blogger of the week

Congratulations to Dr. Aletha for this post

an image of a person on a sofa under a blue blanket

Expert advice to sleep well every night

Dr. Aletha will help you with What is Chronic Insomnia?
How can you sleep better with chronic insomnia?

a grey image of a chalk board, grey desk, books, and pens scattered on a grey desk
InLinkz 240 Senior Salon Pit Stop

Will we see you this week at InLinkz 238 Senior Salon Pit Stop?

Now the rest of the top 10 for this week

Thank you for checking out Julie’s posts

Thank you for checking out my posts

If you dropped your link early Monday morning, we urge you to return here to participate and read other posts. We need to share the love, as this is how we learn and grow together.


Thank you so much for your help and participation. If you wish to read some of the posts from last week, then please visit 239 Senior Salon Pit Stop.

You will find a lot, and I mean tons of BF and CM offers, but I am only sharing a handful here for you.

  1. ADA Compliance Now for $30 off with coupon BF2022.
  2. CloudWays: Promo: BFCM4030; Offer: 40% off for 4 months on all hosting plans + 30 free migrations; End Date: 1st December 2022
  3. Affiliate Marketing Compendium
  4. Blog Yourself Out of Debt
  5. Journey to the Center of Amazon
  6. Easy SEO Revamp (for advanced SEO)
  7. Ultimate SEO Bundle
  8. DepositStock: Lifetime deal: One Code $35 i.s.o. $500. When you buy these, you can use them any time. Use them over the next month, or even have them for the next 5 years.
  9. AppSumo BF Deals
  11. Protection Plans
  12. Website Essentials
  13. Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist 

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    • You’re very welcome Patrick. Happy US Thanksgiving to you and hope you have a great time. Here in Canada, we have already had our turn (October 9) so now it’s your time to enjoy.

    • Hi, Beth Thanks for your kind wishes. My birthday is in fact tomorrow Tuesday, Nov 22, but thanks anyway. I am already celebrating since the weekend as its easier to see our children and the grandkids that way, although we will have a small get-together tomorrow evening as well. Hope you will e able to make use of some of the information provided in this week’s post for BF and CM.


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