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Category – Recipes

an image of chocolate chip, Easter, pearl and heart cookies

Cookies Galore

Find lots and lots of homemade tried and tested recipes for all types of cookies, sugar-free, lemon, eggless, and many more. We have Cookies Galore, so find your next inspiration here and fill up those cookie tins.

an image of Brioche Bread dough proofing, and prepared and rising in baking pan and another fully baked

Brioche Bread

This Brioche Bread was by far the most delicious bread I’ve ever made! It’s a lot of work, but so, so good. I couldn’t believe how fluffy and light the loaf was – I mean, look at how high it rose in the pictures! So delicious too. Worth the effort, I’d say!

an image of vegan snickerdoodle cookies with vegan frosting and vegan chocolate

Vegan Vanilla Frosting

I tried something new and Vegan Vanilla Frosting is the end result. I made small single-bite serving cake bites for a Vegan party instead of Cake.

Rooibos Shortbread Cookies

South African Rooibos tea is antioxidant-filled, caffeine-free, wildly popular, and perfect and outstanding in these Rooibos Shortbread Cookies.

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