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 When you first start your blog with WordPress, there is so much to learn. It can be overwhelming. Meghan Nicholas is the founder of, a place to discover practical WordPress tips and tutorials for beginner bloggers.

 Meghan lives and breathes WordPress every day, and believes that anyone, however technically-challenged, with a bit of time, a bit of patience and a bit of kind help should be able to create a successful blog with it. 

Come and join Meghan’s email list where she will send you lots of goodies to make your life easier with WordPress.

Tracie Forbes

Tracie has been blogging for more than 11 years! After selling her first site for more than six-figures, she started teaching others how they too, can set up and run a profitable blog. She approaches teaching differently than most as she believes in not only the “why” but also ensures everyone learns the “how to” aspects as well. Upon completion of any of her courses, you’ll have a clear understanding and know exactly what to do to implement what you’ve learned.

Courses via ThriveCart – Penny Pinchin Mom Media LLC


Carly Cbell

No doubt about it, this is a lifesaver, so get over there and save yourself a lot of stress, hours, or fiddling and worry to get your pins correct.  Carly has done all the work for you.  

SEO for bloggers!  Debbie has incredible and very successful SEO Ebooks

Debbie Gartner – The Flooring Girl

Your one and only SEO contact to use for anything SEO related.  The best of best to my mind for SEO courses and resources.

Debbie Gartner runs a successful home decor blog as  She’s been blogging since 2010 and gets over 500,000 pageviews per month and earns over $20,000 a month.  She’s an esteemed blogger and have coached 100’s of bloggers on SEO, so you can not go wrong by following and getting her courses.

blog seo

Rank Math
You will be amazed at what can be achieved by using Rank Math. It’s built for

  • Bloggers
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Niche Sites
  • Businesses
  • Local Businesses
  • News Websites
  • Startups
  • The Real Estate
  • Artists & Photographers
  • Any WordPress Website

They have a FREE plan as well as a PRO and BUSINESS Plan.

You can check out their pricing structure and decide which will work best for you!

Take a look at Compare Free vs PRO vs Business.

To satisfy yourself to make sure you get the best deal look at the following comparison between Rank Math vs. Yoast and SEO

Rank Math Products

Everyday She’s Sparkling


Sasha from the Facebook Group Everyday She’s Sparkling shared with us her Blogger’s Best Bundle which has everything you need to get your blog up and running the right way from the start. It has step-by-step video lessons plus bonuses on branding your blog, finding the best deals as a new blogger, and how to manage a busy blogging schedule (with Trello templates).

WP Bloggers Assist


Tara from WP Blogger Assist can help you with the tech side of your WordPress website.


Tara has 15 plus years of experience working with websites and servers. She can help you with over a remote session one on one or you can have her login directly to solve the issues. Basic fixes and help with WordPress Core, theme, or plugin updates. Help setting up a staging site to test changes. Site speed audits and assistance. Help setting up your cookie notice. And advanced troubleshooting for critical issues. She also offers one-on-one tutorials over remote sessions. She offers friendly service at an affordable price. 


If you wish to make use of Tara’s services, do not hesitate, she’s wonderful and will help and guide you.  Please feel free to get in touch with her via WP Bloggers Assist.


If you’re looking for more traffic, sales or online visibility for your business then get in touch with Gary and let him add in the Power of Pinterest!
Gary already have clients enjoying over 100,000 Pinterest sessions a month – How much would this change your Business?
Contact him at [email protected] & discuss the steps needed to bring the Wow to your Pinterest Content
& traffic to your website today!

Get More Leads, Increase Conversions, & Maximize Profits without having to buy more paid ads or generate more traffic.


Ashley Havecker

The Irish Twins Momma

Ashley is a mom of Irish twin boys who runs two blogs. One sharing recipes, and the other parenting tips and tricks for twins and Irish twins, 

She worked in the healthcare world for over a decade due to her goal to help others. Things are changing all around and she wanted to continue to help others succeed in their goals without becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

This is when her business the Virtual Momma was established. Ashley is an online business manager or some would say Tech VA that helps established educators, coaches, and course creators reduce the overwhelm and stress from day to day operations so more time can be spent on money-making tasks and less on the operations (and administrative) aspects. 

Day to day operations can include project and team management, as well as if the ball gets dropped by a team member she will hop right on in to make sure you meet deadlines while over-delivering on quality and expectations.

Social Links:
Facebook Group:
PayPal Email: 
[email protected]m 

CleanTalk — Cloud services for websites

Have you ever wondered what on earth is CleanTalk and asked yourself:  How does it work?

Well, let me try and explain what I found.  The sequence of events that will follow:

You get a visitor coming to your site/blog and they want to leave a comment or sign up to your blog (yeah lucky you!).  Once this happens then this fantastic and awesome plugin, called CleanTalk will kick into action and do it’s thing and send a notification to the CleanTalk cloud to check out your visitor and analyze all relevant parameters to make sure that its a human visitor, not a spam bot.  If you received a visit from a nice human, his or her comment will be published and all good.  Should you have the bad luck and get a spam bot checking in (they do so very often, see the images below from my site) this clever and amazing system will stop and block the comment  and stop all spam dead in their tracks.

I did get a lot, and I mean a lot of spam, and they stop all types of spam.  It is only $8USD per year with a 7-day free trial period.  Another plus factor about  CleanTalk, you do not need a Recaptcha (let me tell you, I am not keen on it, so maybe your visitors feel the same), so yeah, no Cpatcha, no questions, puzzles or quiz, CleanTalk just get to work and that’s it.

Blocking by Country is just one of many features available in the CleanTalk plugin. If you block any country, other options will continue to work properly.   I checked and most of the spam for last week came from the Russian Federation, at 23% of the overall traffic, so I can should I choose to do it, block all traffic from the Russian Federation.

Another neat perk to my mind, when you sign up you can have CleanTalk check your system and comments retro and it will give you a list of past spam comments.

Another plus for me, CleanTalk also protects your site from rude and abusive words and foul language with cursing and hate speech and will send those comments to spam.

To conclude: This is an amazing Plugin at stopping all types of spam and I am a happy CleanTalk user! 

Features as quoted by CleanTalk

I am unable to put the features in a more descriptive manner, so I quote and credit the below section directly as  per CleanTalk.

Below find some images of the fist report I received via email showing me exactly what happened and how CleanTalk protected my site.

Anti-spam report for

Reporting period Aug 30 2020 – Sep 06 2020









Contact enquiries







Spam FireWall




1 877


1 877

Being Creative

Done for you printables. Discover the most perfect printables.  Hope you will enjoy these.

ContentPilot / Studiorific

I recently purchased this Social Media Automation system, and can only say, WOW, this is absolutely a lifesaver for me.  I have been searching for months and months and when I saw this, I knew this is the program I need.

I can schedule up to 12 different Social accounts, with unlimited scheduling, with a calendar view and image and video storage.  You can use this for Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter and Tumlr.

They have 3 different plans with different features:

Basic Plan, which I bought: One-time payment of $29 for lifetime access

Standard Plan: One-time payment of $99 for lifetime access

Premium Plan: One-time payment of $199 for lifetime access

Do yourself a favor, and look into this as soon as possible as the Basic Plan, which I bought is perfect.

Create, Share, Educate

This Facebook Community is for the 9-to-5 entrepreneur who wants to create systems for their business to reach a global potential of customers while working full-time. Join every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m PST for free Facebook live training. led by co-founder Faye Ducut Calangian.

Create, Share, Educate is created as a vehicle for entrepreneurs who have limited time, energy, and other resources available to spend on personal self-development. This group helps in the area of business, personal self-development, work-life-balance, and also has great resources and tools to find your niches to prosper and succeed in your business.

Blogging for New Bloggers


If you wish to check them out at Tinylovebug Teachable, School – Blogging for New Bloggers herewith my Affiliate Code to use when purchasing any of the Tinylovebug courses: 223291_ucjt_ppl  Thank you in advance for your support and help.  

The CCPA came in effect on January 1st, 2020.  Have you worked on your compliance yet?  If you don’t have a privacy policy as yet or it is in need of an update, you should get this sooner rather than later and ensure that you’re fully compliant by using the Privacy Policy Template which you can access through Blogging for New Bloggers and then you can get all the latest and best courses and please with checkout use my Affiliate code: 223291_ucjt_ppl at no extra cost to you to make a purchase.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Golden Bloggerz

This is an online community determined to help you succeed in making money from home, especially through a blog! Subscribe to our blog to get our “On-Page SEO Printable Checklist” to help you rank on the first page of Google!


This is a fantastic feature to have on your blog when you share recipes.  Your recipe has a set structure and Google loves it.  Would you like it and have Google include it and show it as a search result when someone searches for a recipe?  Yes OR No?  

My guess would be that you will answer YES to the above.  For that reason alone, it’s highly beneficial to use the WP Tasty plugin!

You can type it out in the body of your post, but having a recipe card that’s aesthetically pleasing and when laid out for sure has a benefit in that it will keep your readers on your page longer to read the full recipe and hopefully leave a comment and try your recipe. 

AWeber - Email service logo


I use Aweber as my email provider, and it is working great and it is easy to implement and design your own emails and templates as well as lead pages. 

Should you require and in need of an email provider, do not hesitate to try them and you can use also make use of my Referral Code below.


LastPass remembers all your passwords across every device for free!  Save a password once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices.

This is the best thing I have done, and I have tried others, but LastPass goes where I go and this will be my last, and did I mention, the best of all, it’s FREE!  Yes, can do get paid versions as well.

LastPass – Free 


  • You won’t find an easier way to design an infographic
  • Create standout posters 
  • Easy charts
  • Customize and print new folded card templates
  • Create a social media campaign
  • And so much more to be done with Canva

Design anything in minutes with thousands of beautiful templates and images. Try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days or get Canva Basic for free. Cancel anytime.


Canva Pro – $12.99 CAD /month or $155.88 CAD billed yearly – save 23%


You need to use this, as it’s the
best Grammar Checker and Punctuation Checker and will be a huge help when
writing your blog posts and it wіll help you tremendously оn іmрrоvіng уоur
wrіtіng skills. 

It’s very disturbing to read a
blog post, full of grаmmаr, and spelling errors. You will never be that
outstanding and a good blogger unlеѕѕ your are certain that your соntеnt іѕ
реrfесt, that’s why you need to use Grammarly.   

Add Grammarly for Chrome – It’s a free download

They have three plans you can
choose from

  1. Free: Basic writing corrections
  2. Premium: Style and clarity improvements for
    writing at work and school.  Starting at $11.66 per month
  3. Business Professional and clear communication
    for teams of 3 to 149. Starting at $12.50 per member/month

Grammarly Plan
Comparison Report

Scheduling Pins – Pinterest and Tailwind

Tailwind to the rescue:  This has saved me many hours and I can promise you since I started to use Tailwind, my Pinterest game improved dramatically. 

This will save you time scheduling to Pinterest, and yes you can schedule to Instagram as well.  This will allow you to post at the best times for engagement, grow together with Tribes, get more actionable analytics. Start free! 

Talking about Tribes:  Tailwind is the answer when you join Talat and Esmé Tailwind Tribe  


Hope to see you there soon. 


I’ve been using the Shortpixel image optimization plugin for WordPress and it made my website load faster.  It compresses your blog images by up to 90%, with no quality loss. Use the WP plugin. ShortPixel improves website performance by reducing image size. Save Time With Automation.


Do yourself a favor and sign up via Shortpixel and get access to 100 free credits each month + another 100 one-time credits, because of this invite. 



Shortpixel will most definitely help and speed up your websites. 

Stock Photos, and places to find great FREE stock photos

Death to the Stock Photo
New Old Stock
Superfamous (requires attribution)
The Pattern Library
IM Free (requires attribution)
Jay Mantri
Women of color in tech
Public Domain Archive
ISO Republic


Barred Owl – Picture Credit, My husband, Alwyn 

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