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#133 Senior Salon & Flash Sale

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Are you ready,  for the new week of #133 Senior Salon?  October 12-17, 2020, 2:00 pm PST


Tips and Resources I found very handy this past week 


Are you ready, for the new week of #133 Senior Salon?

Oct 12-17, 2020, 2:00 pm PST


#133 Senior Salon & Flash Sale


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Now on to some Pinterest information, I found handy

I am unable to credit the source where I saw this, as I was on the road for the best part of this week and when I saw this, I do what I always do to remind myself of something.  I copy and paste it into an email and send it to my personal email address.  Only, this time, I missed to add the source where I found it, so I am truly sorry that I am unable to thank the blog or email or post where I found this.  If you know the source, I will be happy to let them know that I used this incredibly useful information and passed it over to you all.

Here is a quick and reliable way to check your best-performing pins on Pinterest.

Go to your Google Analytics-> Acquisition > All traffic -> Referrals (you may need to select after this)

You would see a list of pins that are bringing traffic to your website πŸ™‚

You would see something like pin/xxxxxxxxxx (where x is a number) and a small arrow next to it. Click on it and you would be taken to the pin that is bringing you traffic 

Pinterest strategy – What to do once you find pins getting you traffic

When you click on a pin it also gives you analytics – Number of impressions, click-throughs, and other details.

Repin them to relevant boards. 

Again do not pin the same content again and again. You need a good amount of content on your website if you want to pin frequently


It’s Free to come and join #133 Senior Salon

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TOP 10 Senisal POSTS 

  1. Spain Chronicles, Part 2
  2. October Coffee Talk
  3. September Smiles and 2020 Reading Update #3
  4. Quinine, malaria, and empire
  5. CARAMEL APPLE SANGRIA * white wine, apple cider, caramel * CARAMEL VODKA
  6. What do you look for when you read the Bible?
  7. September, Now It’s Gone
  8. True Stories: Gay Memories – The Day My Life Changed
  9. A Simple Baby Pullover and Free Pattern by Erica Kempf Broughton
  10. 8 Pieces To Invest In For Fall


#133 Senior Salon

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The doors to #133 Senior Salon OPENED, 
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Oct 12-17, 2020, 2:00 pm PST


Your #Senisal Hosts

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Kim Davis Berry

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Esme Slabs


EsmΓ© Slabs

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CONCLUSION to It’s Free to come and join #133 Senior Salon



Tips and Resources I found very handy this past week. 

Share in the comments any tips and tricks you know or email me and I will credit you and share it with the others in next week.  



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