Ciabatta bread

Ciabatta bread  Tried Tested

The straightforward Ciabatta recipe is relatively easy and satisfying to make, to get that classic shape and open texture,you need a very wet and sloppy dough,so you really have to make it in electric mixer. Serve this thin crusted, light with bread warm of breakfast,with soups or salad, or split toasted and filled with salami, prosciutto or cheese for Italian style sandwich.

500g strong white bread flour,pluscextra for dusting
10g salt
1 packet instant dried yeast
40ml olive oil
400 ml teped water
Fine semolina for dusting (optional)

1. Lightly oil 2-3 liter square plastic container( it is impt to use tub as it helps shape dough)
2. Put the flour,salt and yeast into bowl of mixer fitted with dough hook ( dont put the salt directly to the yeast) and olive oil and three quarters of water and begin mixing on low speed. As the dough starts to come together. Slowly add remaining water. Then mix for further 5-8 minutes on a medium speed until the dough is smooth and stretchy.
3. Tip the dough into prepared tub,cover with tea towel and leave until at least doubled in size or trebled size for 1-2’hours.
4. Heat your oven 220C and line baking tray with parchment or silicone paper.
5. Dust your work surface heavily with flour and some semolina too,if you have some. Carefully tip out the dough(it will be very wet) onto work surface,trying to retain the shape,rather than knocking it back. Handle it gently so you can keep as much air in the dough with more flour and or semolina. Cut the dough in halfway lengthways into 2 strips. Stretch each piece of dough lengthways and place on prepared baking trays.
6. Leave the ciabatta dough to rest for further 10 minutes, then bake for 25 minutes or until golden and sound hallow when tapped on the base. Coolnon wire rack .

Recipe courtesy of my favorite chef the master baker: Paul Hollywood
Prepared, tried and tested by by : Joy Martin Smyth

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