Freshly Baked Buns

Freshly Baked Buns Tried Tested

Ingredients :
500g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
1 tsp salt
1 packet instant yeast
300 ml milk
40g unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing pan
1 egg
Veg oil for greasing
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup melted butter
To finish:
1 extra egg for brushing
Sesame seeds for sprinkling

Preparation :
1. Place the flour and salt into large bowl and stir thouroughly until combined. Make a well in the center of the flour and pour in the yeast.
2. Warm the milk and butter in a small saucepan until is butter melted and mixture lukewarm. Pour into the flour mixture add egg and stir thoroughly until contents of the bowl comes together as soft dough.
3. Tip the dough lightly floured surface and knead well for five minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic.
4. Place the dough in an oiled bowl and leave to rise, cover with damp towel for one hour or until double in size.
5. Tip the dough onto floured surface , roll out the dough into rectangle about 30x20cm/12x8in
6.. Brush the dough over melted butter and some light brown sugar.
7. Tack down the long side of the dough rectangle nearest you by pressing it down onto work surface with your thumb. Roll the dough opposite long side of the dough towards you quite tightly, until the roll is comple and tight. With a sharp knife cut the thick rounds about 4cm/1&3/4in and roll each piece like a ball.
8. Grease a deep roasting tin or baking tray thoroughly with butter , place the buns seam side down into greased baking tray leaving about 1cm/1/2 sides of space between each one. Leave to rise for 30 minutes or until double in size
9. Preheat oven 180C
10. Brush the buns with beaten egg using pastry brush and sorinkle some sesame seeds.
10. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown.
Remove the buns from the oven and let it cool slightly before transferring to wire rack.

Recipe courtesy of my fav chef the master baker: Paul Hollywood
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Joy Martin Smyth