Extra Soft Donuts

Extra Soft Donuts
A super soft homemade glazed donut!
125g butter,
half cup sugar,
2 cups milk,
2 cups boiling water.
Mix together.
When butter melted and it’s cooked add 3 beaten eggs and 2 packets yeast.
Stir well.
Add enough flour (plus minus 1kg cake flour)
Must not be too stiff dough must be very soft let it rise.
It takes about 1 hour.
Let it rise again for 30 min when you shaped your doughnuts.
Deep fry in oil.
Dip in syrup.
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
Mix and allow to simmer over low heat until syrupy.
Add 2 pieces stick cinnamon and 2 cardamom pods while boiling the syrup.
Add citric acid OR a small piece of butter to prevent sugar from crystallizing.
Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday
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