1 cup unsulted butter (not margarine)
¾ cup sultanas
1 cup sugar
l heaped Tablespoon cocoa
2 eggs
l teaspoon vanilla
¾ cup dates
¾ cup walnuts
Brandy / whiskey

Line you dish with parchment paper and make sure it hangs over the edges in order for you to pick it up and take it out when set.
Layer dish with tennis biscuits ( 3 x 3 biscuits).
Paint bottom layer of tennis biscuits with brandy/whiskey.
I poured about 1-1½ tots in a mug and then used a kitchen paint brush to paint the biscuits.  Note you need the same for the top layer of biscuits.
Cook and then place the mixture on top of the bottom layer of biscuits, then add a second set of biscuits and paint the top layer as well.  It may look soggy, but not to worry, it will settle when in the fridge.

Fruit mixture:
Melt butter and sugar.
Add well-beaten eggs, followed by dates, nuts, sultanas and cocoa.
Boil until thick, ± 5 minutes.
Add vanilla and smooth over biscuits immediately.
It should come out in one big mass.
Repeat layers.

I only used one layer, but you can do two layers and end with biscuits.
When cool, put in fridge.
Slice with a sharp hot knife (dip in boiling water), the size of the biscuits and serve.

I prefer the one layer, then you can easily handle it when serving. The edges of this one is not perfect, as I did not use a hot knife, but next time I will know better.
I must admit, it was truly yummy.

Source: Received from my dear friend Renee Matthee , but modified it slightly.
Prepared, Tried and Tested by: The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)


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