Sweet chutney

Sweet chutney Tried Tested

– 4 x ripe tomatoes, peeled and quarted.
– 1 x onion finely chopped.
– 2 x tbsp. masala.
– ¼ x tsp turmeric powder.
– ¼ x tsp jeera powder.
– ¼ x tsp dhania powder.
– Salt to taste.
– 3 x tbsp. sugar, you can use more if you want a sweeter chutney.
– ½ x cup tomatoe sauce.

– In a food processor/milk shake maker blitz the tomatoes, all the powdered spices, excluding the sugar and a little bit of water.
– Heat some oil in a pot and sauté the onions till transparent and salt.
– Pour in the tomatoe mixture, stir and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
– Add the sugar and tomatoe sauce, stir and let cook till its nice and thick.
NB: My mum told me that if you add tomatoe sauce to your chutney, it becomes nice and sweet and beautifully red in colour.

Prepared, tried and tested by Bobby Swanson‎