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Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


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Kindness is the language
which the deaf can hear and
the blind can see.
Mark Twain


Linkup will Start: December 10,  2018, 02:00 am
and close December 14, 2018, 8:00 pm PT


Please showcase your posts via the Blue “Add your link” button.

  1. Please, link directly to your post, and NOT your homepage.
  2. If at all possible, please take a moment to read and leave a comment on the other participants’ posts.  You have the entire week to hop over and check out the other posts.
  3. If possible, please tweet 🐦 and share those blog posts. Use any or all of the following      when 🐦-ing.
  4. When participating and leaving your post link, you automatically provide your permission that I/or any other SENIOR SALON participant may share your post link left here on any social media outlet/s to showcase your post.
  5. Should you wish to receive a notification, please subscribe to EsmeSalon, then you will always be the first to receive the email when the doors open on a Monday at 02:00 am PT!
  6. If you see your way open, please add the below banner to your blog showing you’re a proud Senior Salon Member and a weekly participant and link the banner to SeniorSalon  This is the link, as easy reference:  https://esmesalon.com/senior-salon/


I look forward to each and every link left, and thank you in advance.

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#Kindness is the #language which the #deaf can #hear and the #blind can #see.
  1. Thanks for another wonderful opportunity to share with others. I do love this way of finding others to follow that I may not have known about.

    • Hi Beth – It’s a delight to see you here. This is a weekly feature, so hope to see you every week. I will do the roundup post tonight and then the new one will start on Monday at 2am PT through to Friday 8pm PT. Please if you can and see your way open to do it, share the SeniorSalon on your blog as well as the logo and invite your followers to come and participate as well. This is the only way to go and gain more and new participants. Thanks in advance Beth.

  2. Thank you, Esme, for giving us the opportunity to showcase our work.

    • Eugenia – I value and truly appreciate each and every post you share and your participation at Senior Salon

  3. Thanks, Esme, for hosting and providing a place for us to share. Have a beautiful week!

    • Thanks for participating Natalie, keep it up and please invite your own followers to also come and join us.

  4. Thank you Esme for the opportunity to link up and to meet other bloggers. Have a beautiful week. x

  5. Thanks so much Esme. This is not only a fun and productive activity but a chance to visit and possibly follow other blogs. You are inspiring and hope you visit my blog post.

    • Thank you for your continued support and participation Crystal. Glad you find it helpful and thank you for your kind words.

  6. Esme, thank you for hosting. AND thank you for that wonderful Twain quote about kindness. Kindness is key!

    • Dear Jean – Kindness cost nothing, but the consequences and price pf not being kind is horrendous.

  7. Thanks for providing this opportunity to read other blogs. I really enjoy it!

  8. Thanks for YOUR kindness here!

  9. Thanks! Have a great week.

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