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InLinkz 260 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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Let’s keep up the momentum, this is so exhilarating to be part of such an awesome Linky. Now share your posts at InLinkz 260 Senior Salon Pit Stop.

A HUGE and πŸ’œfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who contributed, shared, and engaged with others at our InLinkz 259 Senior Salon Pit Stop Linkup. Your passion, talent, and wisdom truly make this a one-of-a-kind experience, week after week, and we are so grateful to have you all here and part of this Linky. With 176 incredible entries to explore (at our previous linkup: InLinkz 259 Senior Salon Pit Stop), there’s something to spark your imagination around every corner!

Discover new perspectives, connect with like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in an array of thought-provoking content, as there’s a post to ignite your passion in every niche!

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your horizons, support fellow creators, and join the conversation here at the 260th Senior Salon Pit Stop! Come and join us weekly and be a part of this vibrant community, and let your creativity soar!


Hello there! I have an important update and request to share.

To be included in the top 5 on my Instagram and Facebook Page, Bloggers: Share, Care & Inspire, you must have an account for me to tag you. This week, I noticed that some members do not have social media accounts. While I allowed it this time, going forward, I will have to skip those entries without an Instagram OR Facebook account. As long as you have at least one, you will still be listed. Please make sure that it’s visible on your blog for me to be able to get your handle. It will also be greatly appreciated if you follow your hosts.

However, I will still give an honorable mention to those without accounts so that they still receive the acknowledgment they deserve for those awesome and wonderful posts. Thank you!

Welcome to our Senior Salon Pit Stop Linky Party starting May 8, 2023!

InLinkz 260 Senior Salon Pit Stop

We are happy you are here to share those awesome posts with us
and read and comment on others!

The most popular post at the previous Senior Salon Pit Stop Linky Party was …

an image of a canal

Quiet Moments in Pictures.

Check out these magnificently captures of serenity.

Looking back at last week, the following posts recorded the second and third-highest number of visits by other members participating:

Adding Value to our Senior Salon Pit Stop Link Party:–

  • For every post (Unlimited sharing limit), you share, please comment on someone else’s post. Make their day a bit brighter.
  • Posts can be on any subject that is family-friendly (All niches welcome).
  • Posts with direct sales, shops, or affiliates must contain relevant post content. 
  • If you have your own link-up party, you are allowed to share it, but it does not qualify for the top 15 posts of the previous week, but it will most certainly help you as others will see your link-up.
  • As mentioned, we would appreciate your support by showcasing our Senior Salon Pit Stop Vroom Vroom Linkup image on the blog posts you share weekly. (See code below).
an image of the logo of you can always start now blog

What caught my eye.

Eye-Catching Moments: Discover the highlights of my past month!

an image of a Teddy British Shorthair Cat

Teddy British Shorthair Cat.

Meet Teddy, the pawsitively purrfect British Shorthair cat with a heart of gold and a cuddle to match!

We know that you're busy, but please when you do take the time to drop your own links, we respectfully ask 

- for you to visit one another
- drop a meaningful comment
- share those lovely posts on your own Social Media.  

Please do not drop your links and run, that's not fair to the others.  We are all here to help one another and gain more exposure and we can only thrive once we all play a fair game!  Thank you for your support and help!  

Congratulations to our three podium winners!

We are open each Monday as of 2 am through to Saturday at 2 pm
(Vancouver BC Canadian time).
This should provide you with sufficient time to share your own links and visit others!

Please note that we may not be able to continue to tweet the posts we receive due to the high volume of submissions. Rest assured that all posts will be shared in accordance with our earlier guidelines (see above). Thank you for your understanding.

It will be awesome when you have been featured to add the HTML text to your featured post. It’s obviously not compulsory but will be immensely appreciated. Your Senior Salon Pit Stop Vroom Vroom Linkup Crew wishes to thank you in advance.

Feel free to add the SSPS Party Link: then others will know where you hang out and party and then they can also join us.

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an image of a red sports car with a lady caricature going at Vroom Vroom high speed, Senior Salon Pit Stop Vroom Vroom Linkup
Senior Salon Pit Stop Vroom Vroom Linkup

Welcome to our InLinkz 260 Senior Salon Pit Stop

Blogger of the week

Congratulations to Karen on this post

an image of a pink and blue dummy

Dummy Or No Dummy?

What do you think? Put your smarts to the test with Dummy or No Dummy?

an image of a man sitting crossed legged using a laptop computer
InLinkz 260 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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