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InLinkz 283 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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InLinkz 283 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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Senior Salon Pit Stop Vroom Vroom Linkup

Welcome to our InLinkz 283 Senior Salon Pit Stop

InLinkz 283 Senior Salon Pit Stop
InLinkz 283 Senior Salon Pit Stop

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    • Hi Laura. Thanks for popping in and yes Halloween this year is overwhelming to me, as a person not doing Halloween I will not mind it being done and dusted. We do get some great ideas but I may use some of them and modify them with NO pumpkin as I am also not keen on pumpkin in everything. I love pumpkin as a veggie but that’s basically it.

  1. Esme,
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

    • Morning Sim, We had a good weekend thanks so much for asking. Busy but good and doing some catchup after being on vacation and now getting back to normal again. Thanks for visiting and sharing your link here at SSPS. Also thank you for visiting others, commenting and sharing on SM

      • Hope you had a lovely vacation! I am all for hibernating now… the weather has definitely turned and it’s huge puffy jacket time! Thank you for having me and enjoy the rest of your week!

        • Yes thank you I had a lovely vacation, although a bitter sweet one but I will not do it otherwise.
          Thanks for visiting, sharing and participating. Our weather here is also changing, not yet puffy jacket time, but lightly rainy for the past number of day.

  2. Hi Esme,

    I’m not sure why, as there are sixteen posts already there, but when I try to share a post it tells me that the link party isn’t open yet, and will be opening in 11 hours. Have I been blocked, or is this just a blip? 🤣


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