TRH Paiyasor TRH Paiyasor2

Trying my hand at different Indian desserts, this is my all time favourite. Papur and Payisor.
The papur can be bought at the store, sometimes it goes under the name Poppadums.
The payisor is home made, the recipe is below.

• ¾ x cup sago.
• ½ x tin condense milk.
• 1 x cup full cream milk.
• ½ x cup castor sugar.
• Chopped almonds.
• Elachi.
• Cinnamon sticks.
• 1 x tsp butter.
• Vermicelli.

• melt the butter in a pot.
• Add the cinnamon sticks, elatchi powder and vermicelli.
• Fry until the vermicelli is brown and set aside.
• Meanwhile soak the sago is cold water for half an hour.
• Boil the sago with the water till transparent.
• Add the milk, sugar, condense milk and mix thoroughly.
• Lastly add your vermicelli and stir.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Bobby Swanson‎