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I truly hope that you will enjoy this SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: AUGUST 13-17, 2018 posts shared by our fellow Bloggers.

I need some beach therapy…..
Life takes you down many paths but my favorite ones lead to the beach.

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I trust and hope that you will visit, read and enjoy these silver posts

Posts shared at SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: AUGUST 13-17, 2018

  1. Brandon shared by Savoring Sixty and Beyond

  2. 5 Ways You Can Save Time When Blogging by Hugh
  3. Fitness Clothes for Women over 50 When You’re at the Gym shared by Jodie

  4. Morning shared by Gael

  5. The Junk Food Crisis shared by Stevie
  6. Nick Lowe, Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams: (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? shared by Thom

  7. Interview with Author Darlene Foster! shared by Darlene
  8. MITCH’S CHILI PIE shared by Billy

  9. The Importance of Appreciating your self-worth shared by Sue
  10. OVERHEARD AT A FESTIVAL shared by Ellen


The SENIOR SALON is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the post 9 to 5 generation. The generation who finally has time to get in touch with the right side of their brain.  The SENIOR SALON features art, music, writing, poetry, photography, creative cooking, creative fashion, and anything else that you can dream up.   Allow YOUR muse to guide you into a new creative endeavor or enhance an existing creative endeavor.

Thanks for your continued support and sharing of your wonderful posts at SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: AUGUST 13-17, 2018

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For more information, read all about the SeniorSalon

Senior Salon, come and join and Share your stories with us
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6 thoughts on “SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: AUGUST 13-17, 2018”

  1. Only yesterday … I received the ping backs for those two posts that I put at the Salon that week. Spooky … was it a technical delayed reaction ? Or a reminder of a great tale that needed resurecting …

    • I tell you it’s spooky, whatever way you look at it. You decide if you wish to rework or a technical glitch. I do not get pings as I have been told it’s not such a good thing and opens up other unwanted issues, so sadly no pings for me.

  2. For some reason, I get an email on the Senior Roundup review but I don’t get an email on your first Senior Salon post. I am unsubscribing and then resubscribing and hopefully, I will receive all of your posts. 🙂


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