Senior Salon Roundup Post: May 14 – 18, 2018

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A roundup of posts left during May 14 – 18, 2018. Linkup at the Senior Salon.  I will share a weekly roundup after the closure of each session of all posts and provide a pingback to your blog. 

A friendly request:  Please ONLY share a POST Link and not your blog link.

Please share a post or even more if you can, of your fellow Silver members on social media, and continue to spread the news of the #SeniorSalon.  Let’s be a Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers community!

I trust and hope that you enjoyed these silver posts as much as I do.

  1. My Photo Week in Review 4-29-18 shared by Susan
  2. Sunday Night “Get to Know”……. shared by Mr. M
  3. THE INSIDE “MY” HEAD TAG…. shared by Mr. M
  4. Get To Know Me Tag shared by Brigid
  5. 13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger shared by Hugh
  6. Monday Memoir: Unforgettable shared by Carrie Ann
  7. Short Story: A Marriage of Convenience shared by Stevie
  8. Rasputin shared by Phil
  9. Grama’s clothes shared by Lynz
  10. Serenity (and a little laughter) shared by Gael
  11. Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 shared by Clive
  12. Angry Bird Takes the Cake shared by David
  13. Do Your Insecurities Keep You From Joining Social Activities? shared by Debby
  14. Who is Michael Grogan shared by Michael
  15. May 15th – TSC Global Awareness Day shared by Bree
  16. FINDING MY TOPIC shared by Janet
  17. A Flabby Granny Hits the Gym shared by Pam

Thanks for your continued support and sharing of your wonderful posts.

The Next link Linkup will start on a Monday @ 02:00 am and will end the Friday @ 8:00 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

***When participating, you automatically provide your permission that I/or any other participant can share your link/s left here at Senior Salon on any social media outlets to showcase your post/s. 

Please visit the other silver bloggers, read their posts, leave them a word of encouragement, and then share on any social media or tweet the posts.

When I tweet your post I will add the following, so feel free to use these as well.

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    • Its a pleasure Paul. Thank you for sharing your post at the Senior Salon. Please let your followers and readers know and ask them to also participate each week. Thanks in advance for helping to promote and get new silver members to participate. See you next week again

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