#SeniSal Roundup: Oct 28 -Nov 1, 2019

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#SeniSal Roundup: Oct 28 -Nov 1, 2019


Halloween Spooktacular 👻 👻


WOW – look at all those 2nd and 3rd place winners 

Welcome to all the new #SeniSal members and thanks for sharing your wonderful posts.  


Top 3 winners #SeniSal Roundup: Oct 28 -Nov 1, 2019

  1. Witch’s fingers: you are still in time for a creepy but cool Halloween treat! :|: Silvia


We have 6 Second place winners

  1. Best Ever Instant Pot Roast :|: Esme
  2. Easy Chilli Con Carne (With Chocolate And Coffee) :|: Ewa
  3. Karpatka (Polish Cream Cake) :|: Ewa
  4. Halloween on cemetery lane :|: Esme
  5. Portrait Of Fall :|: Amy
  6. The Devil failed to take the soul of a poet :|: Ellen


And 4 Third place winners

  1. 7 Monster Inspired Themed Halloween Recipe Ideas :|: Claire
  2. Should A Child Dream Big? :|: Crystal
  3. A Tour of the Astonishing Brooklyn Bridge Walkway :|: Mary
  4. Halloween – My Annual Reminder  :|: Clive

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and the rest of our entries for #SeniSal Roundup: Oct 28 -Nov 1, 2019

  1. Where Do Your Ideas For Stories And Blog Posts Come From?
  2. Hiking the Tonquin Trail
  3. Small breasts
  4. Who Moved My Cheese? How To Travel With Compassion
  5. An afternoon in Porto
  6. Classic Monsters Halloween Party
  7. 9 Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipes To Bake With Kids
  8. Natural Thanksgiving Centerpieces – Thankful at Home
  9. 4 Spooky Adult Halloween Cocktail Recipes To Try Out
  10. #KidLit #FairyTale #Book – Thistle The Fairy Trickster Now In 
  11. Mother of the Bride in Las Vegas
  12. DIY Crate Red Pickup Truck
  13. Easy No Sew Fall Pillow
  14. The Schitzophrenic Wreath
  15. Is It a Sin to Be Rich? 
  16. Fresh Tomato Soup With Pasta (Polish-Style) 
  17. Chicken Breast In Tomato Sauce 
  18. Nightmareland #Horror #Anthology 
  19. Baked Bbq Chicken Drumsticks 
  20. You Can Shatter the Habit of Comparison 
  21. Halloween In Song 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a wonderful fellow Blogger GoldenBloggerz (Blog) for teaming up with me for this GiveAway, so please head over to Goldenbloggerz Instagram and Twitter and say “Hi” to him and support him.


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Ellen Best Winner Amazon $50


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