And we Know that Kindness “Speaks”

Many of us have issues in life where we are brought under pressure. For community, financial, health, future, relationship issues – all affect us and bring out the best or worst in us. So where does that leave us when we are left out in the “cold” so to speak? We don’t know how to live up to our conscious in what kindness we “should” speak but sometimes don’t. WE can find times where we spit out venom and hate when we feel it is warranted. I am shocked sometimes myself when I might be full on when it comes to someone who abuses another or who hurts the innocent or someone who is unable to defend themselves. Is this right? Would Kindness only speak softly?  Only God speaks on that.

Finding Knowledge 


When I was young, I didn’t have a great deal of practical knowledge. (I had some – I just think it would have been good to have more)   My head was buried in books and I read at every opportunity. I was a serious child and loved nothing better than to be sitting down and becoming immersed in whatever book I could find to take me to a source of inspiration, imagination,sometimes educational, sometimes distraction. Many of my moral dilemmas came about what I read in those books. Some were great writers, some not so much. Some inspired me to higher things,others to impart and be unable to work out what I lacked. I guessed later on in life it was mostly kind to myself and how I saw that. Being kind to yourself after all then helps you to pass on kindness to others does it not? 



Finding Kindness


Sometimes kindness shows in being nice to little old ladies. Sometimes kindness is making a cuppa for family or making meals or getting ready for celebrations.. Sometimes kindness is none of these things at all. Sometimes kindness is bringing someone up short in what behaviour they are following. Sometimes kindness is a “lightbulb” question to a person with no menace, nor malice intended. Sometimes kindness may not be seen as a positive thing to the person in question. Maybe though it stops  a person being hurt or others in their sphere as a result of their behaviour. 


It may not be what you think 


When we have a time of upheaval we start to take stock and question (hopefully) 


I believe God puts things before us as a catalyst for change and questioning. Crisis as it were. It would be the very ignorant of us (as we are at some times in our lives) to ignore the times of change knocking at our door. 


We may be called on to be kind and understand that sometimes it may not be what we may first think. We may go through a time of troubling decisions when it comes to finding out what is Truth with what is going on around us. Whatever we find out let us “Be Kind”. Be wise in your decisions and check that you have the information correctly as far as you can know by principal. My advice? Pray about it sincerely and with all your heart. Check that your imagination and what you have read and also absorbed in the past does not cloud or warp your judgement. For those you think of as friends may be enemies and those who you think of as enemies may very well turn out to be a friend.


Kindness needs to be Spread so let it “speak”


Whatever your hand finds to do in life – do it with all your heart. Remember that verse in Romans 8:28 that it is to those who love God. Remember his promises and as this end of the year draws close may you be open-hearted and loving with all that come across your path. Be loving and kind and don’t let hate lead you but let loving-kindness do so in whatever way loving Wisdom shows…. Blessings each and every day that you put Kindness first and let it “speak”. 


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