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Don’t let #153 Senior Salon Get Away!

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Don’t let #153 Senior Salon Get Away!

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So, without further ado, I once again invite you to add your blog post/s below in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking.

In the true spirit of a salon, take this opportunity to widen your circle of blogging friends by reading some new posts along with those ones that you have come to love. 

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Kim Davis Berry

Kim Davis Berry

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Secondly, our Top 10 posts for Don’t let #153 Senior Salon Get Away!

TOP 10 Senisal POSTS for the week of March 1 – 6, 2021.

  1. February Four Somethings
  2. How to Make the World a Better Place for Women • Keep Marching
  4. February Stars
  5. Putting Ourselves Forward
  6. February Reflections
  7. What to Do When You Need a Helper
  8. Could Winter be in Retreat?
  9. PISTACHIO MUFFINS * sugar or sugar-free * Perfect for Christmas or St. Patrick’s
  10. Words Matter

Thank you for checking out my post: Family-friendly Creamy Tuscan Chicken


Whoop whoop, we have exceeded our entries from last week, well done, as we received 32 posts shared here at #SeniSal.   Come, and let’s build on that and try to get even more this coming week!  One way of doing this would be to share the linkup with your fellow bloggers and ask them to come and participate and also by showcasing our logo on your blog.  That way others will see it and come and investigate and join us.  The more the merrier, so thanks for your support!


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March 8-13, 2021


Esme Slabs

Esmé Slabs

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  • Suspended/Deactivated Pinterest Accounts

I thought the next portion very pertinent and useful as I have also read a lot about this.  I received the below in an email from another blogger I am subscribed to

LOTS of accounts are getting mistakenly deactivated/suspended lately. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Send an email to su*****@pi****************.com to start the process of getting the account reactivated.

You may not realize that a lot of Pinterest traffic is actually Google traffic.

When Pinterest loses Google traffic, our accounts lose traffic too!

If you or any of your established account clients have seen a big decline since December 2020, this may be the reason why. In the Form 10-K, you’ll find this little nugget:

“Our ability to maintain and increase the number of visitors directed to our service from search engines is not within our control. Search engines, such as Google, have and may continue to modify their search algorithms (including what content they index) and policies or enforce those policies in ways that are detrimental to us, that we are not able to predict or without prior notice. When that occurs, have in the past and we expect to experience declines or de-indexing in the organic search ranking of certain Pinterest search results, leading to a decrease in traffic to our 28 service, new user signups, and existing user retention and engagement.

We have experienced declines in traffic and user growth as a result of these changes in the past, and anticipate fluctuations as a result of such actions in the future. For example, in the first quarter of 2018, Google de-indexed our keyword landing pages, which negatively impacted traffic and user growth in the quarters that followed, and in December 2020, Google made certain changes to their search algorithms which also negatively impacted traffic and user sign-ups. Our ability to appeal these actions is limited, and we may not be able to revise our search engine optimization (“SEO”) strategies to recover the loss in traffic or user growth resulting from such actions.”

​Here is a link to Form 10-K if you’d like to check it out for yourself. The above portion is from pages 28-29.

Don’t let #153 Senior Salon Get Away!

Please we do need your support and continue to grow with every linkup. I am sure this can be done and we can create an awesome and welcome environment for all bloggers to Share – Care – Inspire 

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  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
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  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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