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Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon

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What do we do here at Senior Salon? Some insight and news about Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon

Come and share your posts this week: Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon


Firstly: Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon

  1. Most, if not all of you, have been blogging for some time, be it a year or 10.  We all have something to share with our fellow bloggers that can be of benefit to them.  Not only a blog post we share in the linkup but valuable blogging knowledge, guidance, assistance with a question, support, and fellowship.
  2. We make new blogging friends through this medium which we will otherwise not have known existed and forge new relationships with like-minded bloggers in our own niche.
  3. We learn of new products and services from others which helps us on our way to becoming better bloggers and oftentimes a better human being.

What do we do here at Senior Salon and this week at Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon?

Each week we have a new linkup and the doors open on a Monday at 02:00 am and the party ends on Saturday at 2:00 pm PT (Pacific Time). 

Come and reveal your artistic vision and showcase your post/s with us.  All you need to do would be to look for the below image at the end of the post and hit the blue “click here to enter” button and follow the prompts and add your post link/s and Voila you have shared your post/s for others to read, comment on and share for you on Social Media and thus get more eyeballs on your post/s!  

PS:  the very next is NOT the link, merely a picture to show you what you need to look for at the end of each post.

  1. Please, link directly to your post, and NOT your homepage.
  2. Please take a moment to read and leave a comment on the other participants’ posts.  You have the entire week to come back and check out all the wonderful links and posts left of each linkup.
  3. Please we ask and need your assistance to share those posts on your own social media, also visit the other blogs and read those posts and leave them a comment as well.  It will also be great if you let them know that you found the post here at #SeniSal.
    When you Tweet, use any or all of the following     #SeniSal 
  4. When participating and leaving your post link, you automatically provide your permission that I/or any other SENIOR SALON participant may share your post link/s left here on any social media outlet/s to showcase your post.
  5. Should you wish to receive a notification, please subscribe to EsmeSalon, then you will always be the first to receive the email when the doors open on a Monday at 02:00 am PT!
  6. We will truly appreciate it if you can add the below banner to your blog showing you’re a proud Senior Salon Member and a weekly participant and link the banner to SeniorSalon  This is the link, as an easy reference: 

It is my pleasure to invite you once again to add your blog post/s below and reveal your artistic creations in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking.

In the true spirit of a salon, take this opportunity to widen your circle of blogging friends by reading some new posts along with those ones that you have come to love. 

I want to mention to anyone who is reading this, that you do not need a special invitation to participate, so please feel free to add your link/s and join in the fun. 

Let’s be a Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers community, so come and join and share your stories with us here at EsmeSalon.

Your #Senisal Co-host

Kim Davis Berry

Kim Davis Berry

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Secondly, our Top 10 posts for Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon

TOP 10 Senisal POSTS for the week of February 22-27, 2021

  1. Running on Empty
  2. 14th February – St Trifon’s Day 
  3. 10 ways to look Slimmer
  4. The Art Of The Collection
  5. War of the Squirrels by Kirsten Weiss | Review
  6. How To Find And Use The Secret Button On Your iPhone
  7. Best Dinners For Lent (200+ Meatless Meals) 
  8. Trying something new – a ritual
  9. Practice Rich Habits of Faith to Minimize Distraction in a Noisy World
  10. How To Get Rid Of Fleas/Ticks On A Cat Or Kitten

Thank you for checking out my post: Insane Crispy Orange Chicken Idea

Whoop whoop, we have exceeded our entries from last week, well done, as we received 31 posts shared here at #SeniSal.   Come, and let’s build on that and try to get even more this coming week!  One way of doing this would be to share the linkup with your fellow bloggers and ask them to come and participate and also by showcasing our logo on your blog.  That way others will see it and come and investigate and join us.  The more the merrier, so thanks for your support!


Please let us grow this event so keep up the good work, and share your own posts (2 max per blogger) and also remember to interact with other members by means of reading, clicking through to other posts on the blogs, and then sharing the posts via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or if you’re on Facebook you can share it on your own page. 


Please may we respectfully ask from each and every participant that you keep sharing, and promoting Senior Salon on your own blog?  We do require and need your help to keep #SeniSal growing, and the only way we can grow, would be for you to share your links, but also to tell your own followers to come and participate.

Thanks, that we can count on your support


Come in, we have opened the doors this week, so join us at Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon
lease share this POST on your SM and share your own blog link/s!   
We count on your support to share, as it’s the only way we can get others to come and join us.

March 1-6, 2021


Esme Slabs

Esmé Slabs

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Start & Scale Your Blog: Growth Tips for New & Seasoned Bloggers

An end of an era for this group, as I have archived SSYB as stated last week, so please do come over and visit and join us at Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers: More Visitors & Community Support

Come and hit the “JOIN” button and please respond to the questions when you join us over at SIPB! 
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Tip: Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon session:

Do you use Canva for your pictures?

I wish to share with you something I just happened to spot and see one can do in Canva.

When you click on your image, then ‘Effects” you will find a number of cool effects to use. 

Scroll down to “You may also like” click on those you ‘like’ and they will then pop to the top and then you can play around with them.

I have selected a number of them but think I will stick with
1. Smartmockup
2. Frames
3. Maybe use Shadows

Have a look, I have not finalized any of them as yet, just playing around and they look pretty cool. Oh, and I love the Background remover but have been using that for a while.

FYI – I randomly selected an image, and as mentioned, you can do lots with it should you decide to use any of the ‘Effects’



Where do you get the stock images you use for your blog?

Look no further, do check this out and sign up for IvoryMix   (#affiliate)

Many of the images I use come from IvoryMix photos, because

  • IvoryMix photos are SO awesome for your blog and also to use on Pinterest and Instagram, as they are so bright, with lots of empty space for text, etc.
  • IvoryMix subscription is truly so cheap (max 137$/year for the unlimited plan)
  • IvoryMix photographer is very generous with her permissions regarding the reuse of images


Please we do need your support and continue to grow with every linkup. I am sure this can be done and we can create an awesome and welcome environment for all bloggers to Share – Care – Inspire 

Come fellow #SeniSal members, this is a total win-win situation, you have nothing to lose, you can only gain by reading, commenting, and sharing your and other posts here at Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon

Hey, do not forget to share your 2 links at the Everything you ever wanted to know about #152 Senior Salon


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  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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  1. Hello! I want to say how much I appreciate all you do for bloggers. You are simply the best. Thank you for featuring my review of War of the Squirrels last week. This week I’m sharing my Friday Finds post with books, keto recipes, and crafting and my Spotlight post of Jane Austen’s Best Friend. All the best! Gina

    • Dear Gina. Thank you so much for your kind words and being part of this feature. I am so glad for you to be featured and hope that it will help you. Please may I respectfully ask that you share the news on your blog and invite your followers to come and join and have them share their posts and also get featured. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing other posts. This is what we need and what #Senisal is about. Caring and sharing one another.

    • Thank you for your kind words and I love to hear that you enjoy it and made lots of other friends. Please share and promote it to your own followers as this will help others to also join us here and participate. Thank you also for reading, commenting and sharing other links left each week.


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