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June 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Food/Ingredient starting with E

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I present you with the wonderful Exchange recipes received for the
June 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Food/Ingredient starting with E

All participants, have time from now up untill midnight June 20th, to Promote and do a Press this/ share a link / or reblog on your own blog, by creating a link back to this post with a pingback.  “Sharing is Caring”  Thank you! 

Posted in order of emails received:
Espresso: Martini Espresso Cocktail and Banana Espresso Smoothie courtesy of Retired? No one told me!
The brownies are in the oven and I have done so much copy and pasting and removing of posts today that I am in need of a drink ..Oh Yes!
Eggs: Egg bhurji – Scrambled egg Indian Style courtesy of Flavours2017
This egg dish is popular in north and western indian, it is effectively a  dry and  spicy version of scrambled eggs.TRH Egg bhurji - Scrambled egg Indian Style
Espresso:  Prince Igor Says,”Not for Any Kovrizhki!” courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
So the falcon flies the nest and triumphantly comes home where his valiant and true wife greets him with a “tzarskaya kovrizhka” – a royal honey cake, about 1,5 – 2 meters (5 – 6 ft) in diameter decorated with his crest.TRH Prince Igor Says,”Not for Any Kovrizhki!”
Espresso and Egg: Nutty Coffee Thumbprint Cookies courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
I had to make my choice of a dessert to make, and I chose these fast and easy, but totally delicious cookies. TRH Nutty Coffee Thumbprint Cookie
Espresso: ChoCo Cookie Sandwiches courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
I hope you are feeling some of the magical power of chocolate that makes it so irresistable! Stop salivating, and let’s bake!TRH ChoCo Cookie Sandwiches
Espresso & Egg: MONSTER ChoCo Squares courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Since we are not nearly as holy and powerful as the Maharal of Prague, we’ll make our own monsters of spelt and whole wheat flour, rather than clay. TRH MONSTER ChoCo Squares
Espresso: Dairy Free Irish Cream courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
My husband has a magic hand with drinks. He makes this one, and he has shared this recipe with me.TRH Dairy Free Irish Cream 
Elephants Ears? courtesy of Retired? No one told me!
The elephant ears thirst for water is why they are so prolific in soggy areas and they are also popular here not only for landscaping but also near water features they are quite an impressive plant.
… The corms or roots are also to be found on every market stall it’s Taro. Silly me!
TRH Elephants Ears
Eggplant Caviar courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
There are so many different eggplant recipes! Baked, and fried, and grilled, and stuffed, and spiced and seasoned in a myriad of ways. Truly, eggplant is the most versatile of all vegetables
TRH Eggplant Caviar
Eggplant: Ratatouille Rosettes courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
The word Ratatouille itself means to toss, or to stir, from French touiller. TRH Ratatouille Rosettes
Egg pepper fry courtesy of Cooking with Smile – Lathi’s Kitchen
This is an easy side dish to have with some rice. Even if it’s easy, the caramelised onion gives yummy taste.TRH Egg pepper fry
Elephant ears or Palmiers courtesy of Cooking with Smile – Lathi’s Kitchen
Who doesn’t love palmiers?As being a Keralite,  I love coconut in everything ?❤. This recipe is the result of that. The outcome was really good and kids just loved it. I give this in my kids snack box for school.
TRH Elephant ears or Palmiers
Oven Baked Eggplants with Feta Cheese courtesy of Foodzesty
I love Eggplants, and since this recipe is a favorite of mine, I wanted to share it with you.   For everyone who loves Eggplants, this is a delicious and simple dish! 🙂 TRH Oven Baked Eggplants with Feta Cheese
Eggplant Pickle courtesy of Abha’s Recipes
Friends do try this recipe at home.TRH Eggplant Pickle
Edam cheese: Edam Cheese Souffle courtesy of My Favorite Recipes  TRH Edam Cheese Souffle
Eggs: Matzah Brei courtesy of Noshing Across the Nation
I can’t help but notice all the “real American matzah brei” recipes, and I have to admit – none of them suits me. They are sweet.
So, I can’t just leave it at that. I have to share the real matzah brei, the one my grandma made, and I, of course, had to manipulate a bit.TRH Matzah Brei
Eggplant mash or Baingan ka Bharta courtesy of Fire, Water, Food & Travel
My frugal meal
TRH Eggplant mash or Baingan ka Bharta
Endive: Vegan endive latkes courtesy of thehappiestpixel
This new recipe it’s about vegetables, not sweets… Our friend, the endive is here to feed us, my happy pixels 😉 Say hello to her.
TRH Vegan endive latkes
The following are some recipes from The Recipe Hunter blog, prepared, tried and tested by my FB members.
Please hop over to join us on our Facebook Group @ The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy
Eclairs: Hannah’s Eclairs and Cream Puffs courtesy of The Recipe HunterTRH Hannah's Eclairs and Cream Puffs
Emmental Cheese: Caashifa’s Low Carb Emmental Buns courtesy of The Recipe Hunter TRH Caashifa's Low Carb Emmental Buns
Elachi (Cardamom): Rashida’s Puff Pastry topped with Coconut and Almonds courtesy of The Recipe Hunter  TRH Rashida's Puff Pastry topped with Coconut and Almonds
Eggs: Preshana’s Black Forest Cake courtesy of The Recipe Hunter  TRH Preshana's Black Forest Cake
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38 thoughts on “June 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Food/Ingredient starting with E”

  1. WOW – first jumped over to take a look following Dolly’s reblog, then again when she hinted that there was a new drinks recipe to be found. That and a whole-lot-MORE! You food bloggers are an amazingly dedicated (and generous) lot.
    I really enjoy these monthly “food hops.” Thanks for taking so much time out of your life to put them together – and to personally test all of the recipes. Yikes – do you ever make it out of the kitchen? (Yes, she says, for trips to the market – lol)
    I’m more a food voyeur than a recipe creator (I tinker, substituting ingredients on hand when I begin with a recipe, but rarely write down what I did, so each delight is fairly one-off, as the Brits say — and some of my attempts turn out, shall we say, *strangely*).
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Hi Madelyn. Thank you so much for your kind words. I just love these exchanges and I must immediately tell you that I do not test all these recipes. They are tried and tested by the person that submit them for the exchange so also all the recipes on the blog are submitted by my FB group members and I only deal with tried and tested recipes.
      Thanks for the compliment, but I am unable to test all, who will eat it and I also still work full time and have a family.
      Glad you like it. Please participate and join us in the fun event

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