Melenie's Lemon Chocolate Birthday

TRH ‎Melenie's Lemon Chocolate Birthday
Consists of a 4 layer sponge, 2 layers chocolate sponge, lemon sponge, frosted with lemon butter cream icing, pinstripe drizzle of dark chocolate ganache.
For lemon sponge:
200g soft butter,
200g castor sugar,
200g cake flour,
2tsp baking powder,
zest of 1 lemon,
4 eggs,
30ml milk.
Cream butter and sugar, add eggs 1 at a time, beating well after each addition.
Add flour a little at a time, stir until well combined, add milk, stir in.
Drop into 2 well-greased round cake tins and bake at 190 for 17-20 min. Cool.
For chocolate cake use
150g of flour and 50g cocoa powder, omit lemon zest and add 1tsp vanilla essence.
For butter cream icing combine
1kg sifted icing sugar with
200g soft butter,
add zest of 1 lemon and
1tsp yellow food colouring.
TRH Lemon Chocolate Birthday
For ganache:
heat 250ml fresh cream, do not boil
add same measure of dark choc into cream,
I use the cream container to measure blocks of choc, let choc melt, then stir well.
Cool before dripping over cake, decorate as desired.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Melenie Govender Pillay
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