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#SeniSal ROUNDUP: March 4 -March 8, 2019

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#SeniSal ROUNDUP: March 4 -March 8, 2019



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#SeniSal ROUNDUP: March 4 -March 8, 2019



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Congratulations to Debbie, Ellen, Cheryl, and Janet








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#SeniSal ROUNDUP: March 4 -March 8, 2019


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    • Darlene – thank you for your input – OK you will have all the posts going forward. 4 out of 4 voted for all the posts. I hear you all and thanks. I truly appreciate your feedback.

  1. Hi Esme, thanks so much for the roundup post, it was great to see my post was in the top four visited this week. I appreciate all you do in sharing everyone’s posts. I agree with Clive, it’s always good to see others I may have missed. I’ll be sharing.

    • Hi Clive – Thank you for your input. I wanted to do a test and see if readers do want all the posts listed or not. Hope to get more feedback from other participants and then will let you know

      • I hope others comment and agree with me! For me, it doesn’t feel right that everyone who shares a post isn’t credited with it – and it gives us a chance to catch up on any we might have missed. As you know, I share the round up post on my page and on Twitter, and I think it would be better to include all. But I will of course abide by the majority vote 😊


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