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How to actually chill so you don’t burnout!

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Do you feel you’ve got heaps to do and the “mountain” of work or items to attend to are getting more than you can handle?


You could be facing burnout! Do you not know what to attend to first and get stressed at the thought? You could be facing burnout! Do you know how to actually chill so you don’t face burnout? Lets have a look at what you can do.


I re-call only too well (this before the internet took hold) where I home schooled, helped with the book work of our home business, ran a household with many visitors and did regular church work and volunteering. The thought at the time did not cross my mind that I might be on the edge of burnout. But I was.


The work was never-ending, there were income goals to meet and quotes to type up at night time often and study to be done for children’s lesson plans for the week and of course my main load of home schooling. My focus was not on chilling and burnout was very real.



Your mindset


Currently I have read a book that has helped a great deal in putting things in perspective. This is not that I hadn’t worked things out awhile back but the book has the message in a nutshell. It is “The Present” by Spencer Johnson  How you think and what “time period” you live in has a great deal to do with your ability to be able to “chill” and doing it with a great deal of wisdom.



Your Trust


Back in January of last year we went to visit Australia’s 3rd largest island called Kangaroo Island  since a friend wanted us to help with an errand. One of the towns we visited there (Kingscote) had about the largest gift shop I had seen. (I’m sure it doubled up for other things aside from gifts!) My husband is always on the look out for little gifts for me – but I am one of those people who are happy living simply and am never in “want”


I had a cousin who was going through a difficult time. I looked for words on a rock I wanted that would fit her situation. Finding a rock with the word “Trust” inscribed was my plan. I found one and sent it to her and she put it beside her chair to look at every day and night while going through some difficult times. She thanked me immensely as she said that word had helped her get over her mountain. My husband by the way bought one for me – since it made him happy to get me something as well. I have since passed it onto someone else I know who needs a good dose too!


So dear reader – nearly number 1 on your list is to Trust – whether having Faith or not. Both receivers of the rocks have no Trust in God outside their own beliefs but I Trust that God will help them and help them to “chill” when necessary. And you too reader that you will Trust and be able to chill.



Woman relaxing in the bath
Image via Canva



Your lists


Ah – the never-ending list-maker. Well I guess you could keep it in your head sometimes. But then you might stress for the reason of thinking you might miss something!  As I have intimated previously put to do lists within the right balance. Don’t feel guilt at what you don’t get done on your list.  Do start to look at what you do achieve.


So the sum of it is – don’t let your lists overwhelm you. Really think of what would happen to those lists if you weren’t “available” tomorrow. Get things in perspective.



Your chill “to do’s”to throw burnout – out the window!


Okay – well I thought you might need a chill pill to take when you really feel like burnout is becoming an issue.


Make sure to start including self-care on your agenda since it is so very important to our mental, physical and emotional health. Write ideas down I find is the best way. You can come up with many more.


Here are some chill pill ideas.


—   *Go and have an “ice-cream” outing or a “donuts” time.  Put any thoughts of diet away and instead include some extra healthy food in your everyday lifestyle instead. This is healthy!


—  *Include 1 day off per week. That’s 52 days per year. You can do a great deal of different things to what you are currently doing. Plus it helps your brain think and gives it a rest.


—  *Take a step back from what you do in a normal day. Go about changing what you can. Let a person who knows what you or life is loading up on you – give you some feedback where you can change things.


—  *Go for a massage or get your partner or friend to swap a foot massage with you


—  *Include reading a book regularly. If you can make it a non-digital one even better!


—  *Have a bath (if possible) even if you have to go to where the bath is. Include essential oils and some candles.


—  *Go to the beach since the sea is full of negative ions – which – not taking any notice of the name is a real “re-vitalizer” and gives a positive boost  to your immune system.


—  *Take and enjoy a walk with a friend – you will be thankful for the time spent socially.


—  *Find your funny bone by watching a comedy and/or catch up with friends who are lighthearted.


—  *Wash your sheets (yes you heard right) – have them warm and make your bed – then go and take a nap. A tip – have you ever popped into a bed with ironed sheets? No – well it’s luxury which goes onto my next tip.


—  *Pay for a cleaner to do a few jobs that have been weighing you down.


—  *Last but not least – go outside into the fresh air and take a breather. Weather permitting – put your feet onto the grass and practice grounding.



Your Final thing to note so burnout doesn’t become reality



Don’t include perfectionism. Let go of it. Perfectionism is not doing you any favours. Relax some of your rules and find out what is of real “value”. I invite you to gently grow in your life journey. So aim for chilling!

  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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  1. Really good post Esme – having watched a partner suffer burn out I really appreciate this! Hope you don’t mind, I have shared your post this week on my PainPalsBlog regular feature “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You”, Claire x

    • Hi Claire – Thank you for your kind words and for sharing the post. Please note that I did not personally write that post, but Deborah, a fellow blogger and also SIPB member wrote this as part of her monthly column post here on my blog. I am sure she will not mind you sharing her post. Thank you so much and take care


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