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Are you coming tomorrow to #158 Senior Salon?

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Are you coming tomorrow to #158 Senior Salon? is LIVE, and we want to promote your posts!

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Are you coming tomorrow to #158 Senior Salon?

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Secondly, Are you coming tomorrow to #158 Senior Salon?

TOP 10 Senisal POSTS for the week of April 5-10, 2021.

Let’s spotlight our top three Posts!

3. Memories of Mom by Darlene

Now the other 7 posts in the top 10 list

Thank you for checking out my posts: Golden Milk Turmeric Latte and Delicious Tuna Casserole with steamed Ribbed squash and Greek salad

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Are you coming to #158 Senior Salon?

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Are you coming tomorrow to #158 Senior Salon?

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April 12 – 17, 2021

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Your weekly Tips from #SeniSal

Google Core Update including the Google Core Web Vitals

I nearly missed letting you all know about the Google Core Update including the Google Core Web Vitals.

When I read about this update from Google, I immediately email and contacted my WP blogger friend, Meghan, from WPkind for help: I quote a partial response I received from her:

Your site isn’t slow as such, even when I use it on the other side of the pond (she’s in the UK vs me being in Canada) it comes up quick. The problem is that Google is being quite naughty by showing you a performance grade based on a mobile user with a 3G connection (who has that nowadays?). Crucially though, as you probably know Google is going to start using the mobile stats in ranking.

What are Google core Web vitals?

Core Web Vitals, introduced earlier this month, are a set of metrics related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. Google has defined these as the Core Web Vitals: Largest Contentful Paint: The time it takes for a page’s main content to load. An ideal LCP measurement is 2.5 seconds or faster.

Do yourself a favor, and measure the speed of a post on your blog here

If you need any help regarding Google Core Update including the Google Core Web Vitals, please I implore you to get in touch with Meghan Nicholas, via her email: me****@me*********.uk and ask her to help you. She did a stellar job on my site and improved the mobile score from a paltry score to nearly 80 out of 100. It’s still not good enough to pass but so much better. We still have some additional tweaks and work to do, but I am so happy that Meghan already managed to improve the speed dramatically.

The Desktop score for my site at present reflects an astounding 98 out of 100 for the same post checked as for Mobile. This is phenomenal and I am so grateful to Meghan for her support and help, so please do not waste a nanosecond. Shoot her an email (you can also let her know that you got her information from this post) and you will be very happy once she worked her magic on your site.

Pinterest – 📌 What you should be Pinning, promoting, and planning this month           

These are the holidays, themes, and life events that people are searching for right now on Pinterest. Ride the surge of attention by Pinning these topics this month:

Graduation Party Ideas
Graduation Gift Ideas
Vegetable Gardening
4th of July Party Ideas
Memorial Day
Summer Fashion
Healthy Foods
Father’s Day
Road Trip Tips

Rank Math

Are you familiar with Rank Math? Have you heard about them?

It’s a WordPress SEO Plugin. Yes, I do have this installed and I do use the FREE version, as it does make my life so much easier when creating and writing my posts.

Yes, it’s totally true and correct that both Rank Math and Yoast SEO support keyword analysis while you’re creating content. Did you know that Rank Math FREE allows you to analyze up to 5 keywords whereas Yoast will only allow one single keyword.

I love the fact that Rank Math will provide you with a score ranging from 0-100, and once you go over 80 out of 100, you will get the GREEN score which is good.

Below an example of one of my posts with a score over 90 out of 100 and most if not all my posts are 80 and over and many over the 90, which I am pretty happy with. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Please we do need your support in order to grow with every linkup. I am sure this can be done and we can create an awesome and welcome environment for all bloggers to Share – Care – Inspire.

SIPB Facebook Poll results

We ran a poll on the SIPB Facebook group and asked them what they as members need and would love to see in order to grow as a blogger:

I have compiled the following information from the results received and would love to share it here with you as well, so I sincerely hope this will be beneficial to you as well.

You can also check my Resources Page on my blog: 

Keywords: Jon Dystra’s Long-Tail Deep Dive course


SEO: SEO, Easy On-Page SEO for beginners

as well as Easy On-Page SEO + Easy Backlinks for SEO

Email Plan: Profitable email plan

Audience Engaging your Audience

as well as Audience Growth Academy

Affiliates: Affiliate Marketing

also Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

Level Up Launch Accelerator

Rank Math SEO

Please help us to help you …

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***PSS: A free course you can sign up for and done by Debbie, The Flooring Girl.

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You are invited to the InLinkz link party!


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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